How many Fouls have you had in one game?


300 x 3
I'v been wanting to ask this question to see if I'm the only one who has managed to get something quite like this ( I hope im not though :rolleyes: )

Last Sunday (30th of July) I managed to get 4 fouls in a row :cry:

I moved on the approach but still wasnt able to stop fouling. That game I managed to score 127 but to this day I still dont no how :-k lol

So please feel free to tell me that Im not the only one who has done this :silly:
nope sorry its just you :p

I rekon the most i would have had in a game was 2 maybe 3? and i cant think of a time where i fouled twice in a row
Hey Taya,

I remember in the good old days, when our foul lights actually worked properly(!), I guy I bowled with had 4 in the first game and 3 in the next! I don't understand how he got none in the third, but that's how it went!!

Regards - Chris
I'm not sure how you can manage to foul four times on Aspley's approaches..

However, the most I have had in one game is two, at Redcliffe a couple of years ago, because a social bowler walked up the lane in bare feet to take a photograph of their group, and then apparently walked down my approach on the way back to their player's area. I didn't realise, and of course I slipped on it and landed down the lane. It got cleaned, some got missed, and it happened again. Same result. I can normally put up with social bowlers, but on that particular day I wanted to spray her approach with cooking oil from the cafe, only so she could experience her own stupidity, of course.

There is just no accounting for some people.
i can honestly say ive never had a single foul
i guess thats one of the benefits of being a planter and not a slider.
Taya (99)
By admitting that you are bringing shame to Team Stammer!
Naughty naughty naughty!!!
I rarely foul...and if I do I dont make that mistake twice...

Jen (86)
Don't do it very often, but one night early last year, we had a very humid night and the new contract cleaners had buffed and polished the floors in the settee area - trouble was they put that much polish down it was seaping out of the floor in the humidity and getting onto the bottom of bowlers shoes, and in the process onto the approaches - I ended up fouling three times, and actually managed to hang on to the ball, doing some kind of weird, unco looking dance all the way past the arrows on the fourth occasion while still keeping my feet - but there were a few others who went splat that night.

Stickiest approaches I've ever played on - woeful.

In junior league in around '89/'90 I fouled six times in two games because of treacherous approaches, this time it was like an ice skating rink.
Ended up releasing the ball from probably 5 feet behind the foul line in the last two games to stop slipping over, one of the guys I bowled against slipped and cut himself in the gutter on one shot.
Taya, i had similar problems a couple of nights ago when i was at the centre i work at and i think they had actually buffed the approach properly for once (or it could've been they have been recently sanded again), and the foul lights weren't on, but i noticed that i was fouling maybe 5-6 frames in the one game (would've been a brillant score if they caught all the fouls!). Anyway, was in liverpool last night and decided that something had to be done about it so i actually changed the sliding pad on my shoes, went from the grey felt (10) back to the white microfibre (6) for less slide and thats what i got, stopped where i normally did and the balance back in my game without having to worry about fouling!
Maybe you can try it if the problem becomes recurring!
I once fouled while getting on my knees to ride a strike.
the most i have had in one game is probably one but about 2 months ago in practice i just could not stop fouling but lucky it was only at coaching not in an actual game
Thanks for all your posts guys. Its quite interesting to see what fouls have actually dont to us bowlers :p

Thanks for the advice R. I was abit :shocked!: because I'm a planter but because I have finally learnt how to slide now I think that may have been a part of it seen as that day it was relativily easy to slide and I think I was doing abit of planting and sliding :rolleyes:

But at least we are all in this together ;)
i have only ever fouled once in my life...and i slipped on the approach...dont think that counts, but if it does, i have only ever had one foul in a game :p
Im a bit lucky to, being a planter, I can honestly say I cant ever remember fouling.

I can however remember a particular game some years ago when I was bowling in a doubles league. My partner was a decent bowler who represented Tassie in Presidents Shield. His game went something like this

F/ F/ F9 x F/ x F/ x F9 xxx

Seriously, he was locked in, just couldnt keep his foot behind the line. Most of the F's were 'strikes'. I think we worked out at the time he had bowled something like 14-16 shots where all the pins had fallen down for the grand total of about 167. Funny stuff, except for the fact we were in position to win the league and stuff like that wasnt helping! ;-)

For those Taswegians and others out there that may know him, his name was Adam Brewer.
I've never had a foul since I moved myself back a step on the approach. Before then, maybe two fouls in one game - both the result of slipping on the approach.
I used to foul all the time when I run up the approach, but these days i just walk and don't even slide. I am always around 20cm short of the foul line so fouls are not an issue anymore for me.
well i dont no about inone game, but in during brunswick a couple of years ago i fouled 6 times, then missed out on the cut by a couple of pins :(
I Fouled 3 Times In A Row Once, But The Third Was Beause Of My Shoelace. I Turned my foot at the end of my shot and the shoelace went over the line. I was only starting out so of course I got angry instead of seeing the funny side and laughing. :p
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