first deaf person did bowled 300 a game in australia soil

deaf lefty

deaf lefty
:D :) :eek:

our deaf friend told me about one brisbane deaf man did bowled 300 a game for a deaf league last sunday on the amf richland bowl so name is david dougall is first australian deaf person to got 300 a game in australian soil !!!!!!!

myself did sent e-mail message to the amf richland bowl last night, then received e-mail message from them that it is confirmed david dougall did bowled 300 a game is first time in his life !! cheers applause to him and congradulation to david dougall.

otherwise, another one deaf male who came from nsw - name is david hayward did bowled 300 a game at rome, italy in 2001 for the deaflympic games that he was first australian person to got 300 a game in australian history.

both david dougall and david hayward will be in the australian team for next deaflympic games at melbourne, victoria on next early january 2005.

good lucky !! best wishes to both david h and david d for go to melbourne in it.

cheers !!!!!!!!!!! from deaflefty
That's fantastic news - well done to David. Hope there's many more.

I also hope that this may inspire other people like David to bowl because it proves that something like that does not mean that you cannot achieve in this sport.

Once again well done to David, that's a top effort :D
David. I have congratulated you already on this fine achievement. As we near the Deaflympic games commencing, this will inspire the whole team to acheive their own great efforts so that the team and their country can proudly compete and beleive that it is truly possible to win an Olympic medal.

After these games, lets unite and inspire more Deaf people to join this fabulous sport. Its achievements such as this can make it happen.

Coach Garvin
Well done David. That is an awesome effort!

As for the games being live on the net, does anyone know the web address for it yet?

Chris G.
first deaf person to got 300 games in australian soil

hi to everyone
it is david(deaf lefty)

thanks for this question about live internet over the deaflympic game in melbourne.

myself not know at the stage if live internet would be on ? or not

why not ? e-mail message to amf sunshine bowl ? or ring amf sunshine bowl about informaiton about live interent ?? or not

deaflympic game tenpins bowling event will be on the amf sunshine bowl on 6th to 14th january 2005 so john girvan who is deaf friend of mine told me about 36 countries will attend the tenpins bowling event in the deaflympic games.

it is very exciting to watching deaflympic game tenpins bowling event.

lots, lots of deaf particulars will be very good bowlers as over average 200 from overseas.

htanks from david(deaf lefty)
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