Dunn Shield Teams


Hey all!

just curious if any other centres other than dandenong have had their
Dunn Shield rolloffs yet if so could you post your centre and a list of
your mens and ladies team :p

thank you it would be much appreciated ;)
Dandenongs Mens and Womens final has been completed and the teams are as follows.


Mark Dodds
Rudi Kerkvliet
Mick Carlsson
Paul Bast
Noel Thompson
Shane Fitzgerald
Tony Brooks
Res:Brett Grinstead


Jenny Buckle
Nicole Addamo
Liz Millard
Sue Grinstead
Mary Dodds
Rhonda Hebbard
Tanya Steele
Res: Karen Farnell
That would be Jenny Camilleri not Buckle
sorry Jen I just copied and pasted from a
previous post by Hawka :D
Chadstones is not until the 17th of July

Will let you know when they rolloff.

Unfortunately don't plan to be a starter this year as I plan to be in the Rachuig team going to Illawarra.

Frankston Hhave had their dunn shield roll-offs. I only know the guys team as they rolled off on a different day to the woman.

Guys Team:
Joel Lovegrove
Steve Bennett
Michael Allen
Gordon Williams
John Francis
Craig Babecki
Ross Ward

Res: Anthony Leslie

Looks like to me already that Frankston is going to be the team to beat this year. :p

Northcote has its roll off on the Queens Birthday long weekend so i'll post the results after that.

If i remember correctly Sunshine has had their roll off already but i can't recall who made the team.

I think your right at this point Joel, Frankston do look like the team to beat.
However this year i would be hard pressed to go past Keon Park considering their roll offs are always hotly contested and they have a home centre advantage.
Don't forget about chadstone they have come close the last 2 yrs so i would say they would also be the team to beat but will see who makes there team.

Hey you Dandy guys can you say hi to Rudi for me, It's great to see him make the team. Last time i saw him was when we were both in Hospital about 4 years ago. Maybe some one can pass on my number to him (Sale Bowl).
Ive known him since.... :eek: Lets just say since we were in primary school.
hey grumpie,

I will be happy to forward you message on to Rudy just send me a private post with your number and i will pass it on

cheers Mary
Well Forest Hill had there roll off today Sunday
The teams are

Daniel McNairn
Darren Hallifax
Jayson Bundy
Jeff Carter
Glenn McKay
Graeme O'Connor
Les Carey

Res: Adrian Costello

Natalie O'Connor
Petroula Kosmidis
Judy Krishanan
Lorraine Carter
Diane Dunn
Heather Barber
Cathy Sarili

Res: Angela Lescai

Congratulations to everyone making the Forest Hill Dunn Shield Team

Nat and Graeme :) :)
I would like to congratulate Adrian Costello for making the Forest Hill Dunn Shield Team albeit as our reserve. What makes this achievement so special is that Adrian only started bowling 4 years ago and took up finger tip 14 months ago, which in itself is not a big deal, except that Adrian is in the 60 to 65 age bracket.

For those who don't know Adrian he has been our manager for the last 3 years and puts in an incredible amount of time supporting bowlers at Forest Hill in general. On a personal note he is always there to support myself on and off the lanes and is a good friend.

Over 8 games Adrian averaged 28 over his current league average and missed out on 7th place by 14 pins. Keep up the good bowling and I look forward to him joining us in the 2006 Shield Team.

Jayson Bundy
Well said Jay, He is a great man and a true friend.
All his hard work is starting to pay off.
You proved to yourself yesterday you can do it
We are proud of your effort, keep up the great work.

Don't be scared 26th June is our roll off should be huge :rolleyes:
We are going for 4th last this year.
But our aim is to destroy Dandy as we did 2 year's ago :D
YES :p

Gary.................... :cool:
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