Capalaba Cup Results


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I would just like to extend my thanks to all the bowlers who turned up today and supported the rekindling of what we hope will once again be an annual tournament. All told we ended up with 19 competitiors.

Top 4 in order after 10 games was as follows

George Frillingos 225.3 ave
Ryan Bagley 225.2 ave
Darrin Comrie 220.3 ave
Ricky Carlos 211 ave

First game of top 4 step ladder had Ricky Carlos defeat Darrin Comrie 223 to 206.
Second game Ryan Bagley defeated Ricky Carlos 224 to 205
Title game saw George defeat Ryan 245 to 234 in a close match to take the championship.

A copy of all scores is attached on a PDF spreadsheet for your viewing.
Looking forward to seeing all these bowlers and hopefully more when we run this event again next year.


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