ATBSOQld Inc - Pinformation from 12 Sept. (K.Lowe)

Hi All
Here is Pinformation from yesterday (12 Sept) for your information.
Things to Note:
1. Updated Calendar for rest of 2021 - We have re-scheduled Mt. Warren & Strathpine from their previously postponed dates.
2. AGM documents etc listed as "On the Table Today" will also be available at our next tournament (@ Mt Warren on 25&26 Sept - in 2 wks). I will be posting the Sq List/s later today.
3. We do not yet have information from ATBSO National re where or when for 2022 Nationals. I will 'post' this information as soon as we are advised

Thanks Everyone - Hope You All have a good week.
Kerry Lowe (Secretary)
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