All Spare Games???

A few years back, around 2002, in the wed. night league at Ballina, I bowled 2 all 9/ games. each being the first game in consecutive weeks. To follow that up, I had 2 Dutch 200s, in the same season of the same league. One started with a 9/, the other with a strike. Believe me, when you do those sorts of things..... ah----never mind...... Grrrrrrrr.
Never had an all spare game or a Dutch 200. Had a few Dutch 210's.
Threw a game at State Champs at Innisfail a few years ago that had 9 spares and a pocket 7-10 open. Someone pointed out that I didn't have a strike the whole game, and asked how long it was since that had happened. I honestly couldn't remember, and it hasn't happened since.
I think the chances of a decent bowler not carrying at least once in a game on todays conditions is pretty low unless the conditions are really difficult, and in that case it's likely that there will be grandma's teeth in there somewhere.
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