2021 Australian Open & Vic 150


Welcome to the Australian Open and Vic 150 for 2021.

Due the cancellation of the 2020 events all entries with deposits were transferred to 2021.

Attached you will find the entry forms & squad listings for both tournaments. Please confirm by the 28th February if you are bowling or if you wish to withdraw your name.
If we have not heard by this date your name will be removed.

Bowlers entering the Vic 150 please let us know what division you will be bowling in.

Anyone wishing to enter can do so by commenting on this post or by calling Zone Bowling Keon Park on 03 9460 4602.

Naturally the events are subject to change with Covid-19 restrictions. Hoping to see you all over the Easter weekend.

Sue, Brendan, and Steven


  • AO A SQUAD LISTS as at 17th Jan 21.pdf
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  • AO C SQUAD LISTS as at 15th Jan 21.pdf
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  • VIC 150 SQUAD LISTS as at 17th Jan 21.pdf
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Hi Sue, I won't be participating this year with the uncertainty over travelling interstate due to Covid. How do we go about getting deposits returned from last year?

Thanks, Robert Kendall
Good Morning All
Updated squad lists for both events. Please note the lists look a little different for the Australian Open with a separate reserve which is growing fast for both squads. Please remember that you must confirm by 28th Feb if you still intend on bowling by either posting here or on the Australian Open & Vic 150 face book page.


  • AO A SQUAD LISTS 25th Jan.pdf
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  • AO C SQUAD LISTS )25th Jan.pdf
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  • VIC 150 SQUAD LISTS 25th Jan.pdf
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Hi All
Attached are the new squad lists for 2021 Australian Open & Vic 150.
Anyone wishing to bowl we have spots available in either tournament.


  • AO A SQUAD LISTS with confirmations Mar 5TH.pdf
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  • AO C SQUAD LISTS with confirmations Mar 5TH.pdf
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  • VIC 150 SQUAD LISTS with confirmations Mar 5TH.pdf
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Dear bowlers,
As of 2021 the QubicaAMF World Cup will no longer be run as a Singles event, but rather as a Teams event titled the IBF World Cup. Unfortunately, the selection for this new event will no longer be determined by the Australian Open or the VIC150 but rather by Tenpin Bowling Australia’s own selection criteria. As such ZONE Bowling no longer has the capacity to enter bowlers in the event, and with regret we have had to remove the World Cup Representative position and adjust the sponsorship accordingly.
Previously ZONE Bowling was able to sponsor towards the travel costs of the international event but will now re-sponsor the event in the form of an additional cash prize of $1000 to the winner of the Australian Open and the highest average scratch bowler in the VIC150 after 29 games. Updated entry forms with estimated prize funds will be posted as soon as possible.
We apologise for any inconvenience, especially at such late notice, however despite our best efforts these decisions were out of our control.
We will continue to support bowlers as we have for many years and hope to still see you over the Easter weekend.
Looking forward to seeing you in a few days.
With warm regards,
Steven McArdle, Sue Raphael, and Brendan Crisp
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