How many Fouls have you had in one game?

Discussion in 'Book of Shame' started by Taya04, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. Shayne Melton

    Shayne Melton Member

    Taya, how did you manage this? you don't slide and neither does Aspley's approaches. Are sure the foul lights weren't malfunctioning. Eg.. the ball was setting it off, this is quite common?
  2. Tiger

    Tiger Active Member

    Maybe things have changed a little in the almost four years since the opening post was made ;)
  3. Shayne Melton

    Shayne Melton Member

    When the opening post was made I knew her game.
  4. AdrianS

    AdrianS This is the future!!!

    Wow back when i had black hair, weighed 80 kilos and threw a U2 and a U-dot :p
  5. Lyndsay_Packer

    Lyndsay_Packer StormNation

    at East Coast during the championships this year, the foul lines were so touchy, I copped 4 and looked down each time and was only by millimeters, but also had 3 over the weekend where I wasn't over the line and had it reversed...thank god for coaches who teach to stay in the shot at the foul line
  6. Jake Hendrix

    Jake Hendrix New Member

    I Honestly have never fouled
  7. jimcross

    jimcross Active Member

    I've had 2 that I can remember, in thoudands of games from 1960 to now. Unless you stick on the approach, you should never foul, and even then it's not inevitable. Just don't let go of the ball !! It's like foot faults in tennis, Just stand back a few inches further.
  8. Ripper63

    Ripper63 Member

    How about this one...
    Front 7 strikes. Foul, spare... Finished with the last 4 for a 270.... Lol...
  9. Ripper63

    Ripper63 Member

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