2017 Bathurst Pitstop Tournament Dates

Discussion in 'New South Wales' started by B.RAD, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. B.RAD

    B.RAD New Member

    I have a few proposed date for Bathurst pitstop this year,
    proposed dates are
    - 5 & 6 of August
    - 9 & 10 of September
    - 16 & 17 Of September
    - 23 & 24 of September
    - 7 & 8 of October
    - 14 & 15 of October
    - 21 & 22 of October
    - 4 & 5 of November
    - 25 & 26 of November

    Let me know what you think of these date would be suitable to host the event.
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  2. CT

    CT Active Member

    November 25 and 26 would good. Nice weather. 4 & 5 also work ok.
    Should avoid October due to nationals.

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  3. matthew

    matthew New Member

    november 25 and 26 sounds good should be no tournaments on then and possilbe no leagues either might attract some bowlers hopefully
  4. Clayton

    Clayton New Member

    Hey matty you hit the nail on the head there we dont have much on in qld so would be good to travel down for the weekend .
  5. B.RAD

    B.RAD New Member

    Awesome definitely sounds like a November event and from those who commented 25 & 26 of November sounds like it might be the date.

    Stay tuned for entry form later in the year.
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  6. jemmo

    jemmo www.tenpinbathurst.com

    cool i think i might come back to Bathurst for this tournament this year
  7. mattr

    mattr Member

    November would be great for me :)

    all the other dates are around national events
  8. B.RAD

    B.RAD New Member

    Pitstop will be held on the 4th & 5th of November. Waiting for a few final details and entry form should be out soon.
  9. mattr

    mattr Member

    put me down for Bsquad please
  10. matthew

    matthew New Member

    put matthew smith down for B squad and when the times for start and how much it will cost when they are ready thanks
    regards matthew
  11. SimonM

    SimonM Member

    B squad for Simon Millman please
  12. Scott robertson

    Scott robertson New Member

    Please put me down for b squad
  13. B.RAD

    B.RAD New Member

    There has been a new thread created for Pitstop 2017 please refer to the following link for further information on 2017 Bathurst Real Estate Pitstop
    For those bowlers who have already expressed an interest in this event we have put your name down please confirm that the tournament date still suits.
    Nominations and squad listings for this event can be made on our website

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