2014 VSS Event 1 - Chirnside Park 6/4/14


Welcome back to the Victorian Sports Series for 2014. This year there will be just 3 events so don't miss out! We have also changed the format to 9 games instead of 8 in the qualifying round.
Event 1 @ Chirnside Park on Sunday 6th April. Oil Pattern to be 2013 QAMF World Cup
Event 2 @ Geelong on Sunday 6th July. Oil Pattern to be WTBA Montreal
Event 3 @ Epping on Sunday 30th November. Oil Pattern to be WTBA Stockholm
Date: Sunday 6th April 2014
Where: Oz Tenpin Chirnside Park
25 Fletcher Rd, Chirnside Park, VIC
Check In: 9:30 am
Bowling: 10:00 am
Cost: $110
Patten: QAMF World Cup (41ft)
Rules: All TBA Rules & Regulations apply.
Current TBA card/receipt required
Ties: Any cut shall be resolved by 9th/10th frame roll-off.
Any other paid position shall be a shared payout
(I.E. tie for 5th shall be 5th & 6th monies split.)

Bowlers will complete 9 games each.
Games will be bowled in 3 blocks of 3.
Females shall be given 8 pins handicap per game.
Top 8 bowlers progress to Finals.

Finals - (Match 1 & 2 played at the same time on adjacent pairs)
Match 1: Players 1-4 play 1 game on a pair. Top 2 scores move to match 4. Lowest 2 move to match 3.
Match 2: Players 5-8 play 1 game on a pair. Top 2 scores move to match 3. Lowest 2 finish 7th & 8th according to scores.
Match 3: 1 game on a pair. Highest score goes to match 4. Lowest 3 finish 4th - 6th according to scores.
Match 4: 2 games on a pair. Combined 2 game total to decide 1st - 3rd.

Ryan McCurdy

New Member
Due to work commitments, I'll no longer to be able to bowl in this tournament. Can you please remove Ryan McCurdy from the list.

Good luck and good bowling everyone!
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