2014 VSS - Event 2 Geelong 6/7/14


2014 VSS event 2 will be held at Oz Tenpin Geelong
Sunday 6th July
Check-In 9:30am
Bowl 10am
Cost: $110
Pattern: WTBA LA (41ft)
Rules: All TBA Rules & Regulations apply.
Current TBA card/receipt required
Ties: Any cut shall be resolved by 9th/10th frame roll-off.
Any other paid position shall be a shared payout
(I.E. tie for 5th shall be 5th & 6th monies split.)

Bowlers will complete 9 games each.
Games will be bowled in 3 blocks of 3.
Females shall be given 8 pins handicap per game.
Top 5 bowlers progress to Finals.

Bowlers will compete together with the lowest score being dropped at the end of each game with the exception that top qualifier CANNOT be eliminated in match 1.
In the event of a tie for lowest game, a 9/10 frame roll-off will occur. Each match shall be on a different pair.

Match 1 - Top 5 Bowl. Lowest score finishes 5th
Match 2 - Top 4 Bowl. Lowest score finishes 4th
Match 3 - Top 3 Bowl. Lowest score finishes 3rd
Match 4 - Top 2 Bowl. Lowest score finishes 2nd

*Event 3 will be held at Oz Tenpin Epping on Sunday 30th November.


Names given @ event 1

1 Adam Baker
2 Allan Bamford
3 Brenton Davies
4 Jane Finch
5 Ralph Harford
6 Adam Hayes
7 Matt Hill
8 Vi Huynh
9 Nell Kieseker
10 Jackson McGrifford
11 Nick Membery
12 Jenny Notman
13 Alan Notman
14 Josh Robinson
15 Hamish Rogers
16 Terry Silva
17 Leigh Simpson
18 Russell Stokely
19 Paul Trotter
20 Bec Warren


Please add Narelle Baker & Jeanette Baker

Also it was stated in the original post for the year - Event 2 @ Geelong on Sunday 6th July. Oil Pattern to be WTBA Montreal
You now have it listed as Pattern: WTBA LA (41ft)
Can you please confirm the pattern.



Please add me to the list Luke.

Looks like a typo in the pattern heading, the LA link goes to the Montreal Pattern.


Just to confirm, the pattern IS WTBA Montreal (41ft). I typed it wrong up top, but the link does go to the correct pattern.

1 Adam Hayes
2 Alan Notman
3 Allan Bamford
4 Amanda De Lange
5 Andrew Thorpe
6 Bec Warren
7 Ben Ross
8 Brenton Davies
9 Damien Robinson
10 David Porto
11 David Altmann
12 Graeme O'Connor
13 Hamish Rogers
14 Jackson Gamble
15 Jane Finch
16 Jase May
17 Jayden Kalman
18 Jeanette Baker
19 Jenny Notman
20 Jordan Wallace
21 Josh Robinson
22 Leigh Simpson
23 Matt Hill
24 Melissa Rogers
25 Mick May
26 Narelle Baker
27 Nick Membery
28 Paul Trotter
29 Ralph Harford
30 Russell Stokely
31 Ryan McCurdy
32 Scott Dennis
33 Scott Fulton
34 Terry Silva
35 Vi Huynh
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