TBA Board - can anyone add to my list for completeness


Looking back at annual reports since 2017 is quite interesting. Can anyone add to the 27 names listed. In all fairness some barely had time to sit down so their names may have missed appearing in an annual report. I know I have met 6 of them.
Hish Fernando
Sid Shekar
Graham Pearson
Ryan Edgar
Adeline Hough
Andrew Jacklin
Matt Too'mua
Julie Featherstone
Jerome Joseph
Shane Bernhardt
Jo Babic
Renee Woolley
Geoff Bowness
Graeme Cox
Morty Douglass
Dean Brostek
Sally Jarvis
Bruce Morris
Matthew Whitten
Michelle Roberts
John Coxon
Michael Craig
Richard Skinner
James Taafe
Trevor Thiele
Jessica Ryan
Nicole Noye
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