Wow what a surprise TBA!!


21 November 2020 I wrote the following:

On the 'So where to now TBA' forum I wrote the following:

"I believe the new CEO will have a sporting background but no previous connection to bowling. "

Wow I didn't realise I was quite so intuitive. Nah it must have just been a good guess. Yeah sure that's what it was.

Funny how I wrote that with such accuracy 11 days ago. I am not even on the board.

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..............and as they say Sean......................the hits just keep on comin'

Nothing wrong with bringing in new ideas and someone with outside experience - in fact as you know Sean it's an essential move to ensure a balance and flow of new ideas. But when a sporting organisations BofD at the top end and it's most senior management is dominated by people without any actual knowledge or experience of the sport or the industry - well that at best is unusual at worst flat out stupid. I must assume that now the TBA believes the sport of bowling will only exist on government hands outs- given that's what appears to be the major "qualifications" of all these people - dealing with bureaucracy.

I can only trust that Geoff Bowness sticks around and these new people listen to what he has to say - my dealings with Geoff over many years - whilst not extensive and certainly none for some time - were always positive.

I think he is the hope of the side.


Obviously a simple co-incidence.
Chairman - (Jerome Joseph)- Victorian, (non-bowler) Appointed Director (Hish Fernando) - Victorian (non-bowler)
GM Industry - (Damien Smith) - Victorian. (non-bowler) CEO (Martin Stillman)- Victorian (non-bowler)
GM Activity - (Rohan O'Neill) - Victorian, (non-bowler)
We are still a National organisation I believe. The above 5 people may all bring something to their positions but it certainly isn't a knowledge of our sport. But why 5 Victorians? Is there no one else with ability in the other 5 states and 2 territories? Is there not a BOWLER who could be a success in a senior role in our sport. Bowlers have quite an advantage as they actually know what a bowling ball looks and feels like.
5 senior NON-BOWLING officials all from Victoria. I have seen more diverse Private School Old Boys Clubs.
As an outsider and a Victorian it looks awfully strange to me. How was this extreme Victorian 'centric' bias allowed to happen?
We need complete transparency with everything the TBA does. From the financials to who and how OUR organisation appoints individuals to senior roles. In addition we need full disclosure of any pre-existing relationships to candidates / appointees should that ever be the case. If that is ever the case I would expect the board member to stand aside from the employment selection process.
We also need complete transparency in regard to any outside consulting fees the TBA may or not pay. The TBA should represent and supposedly work for its members. I demand an OPEN organisation.
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Ok, I have been asked privately many times in the last 24 hours how I knew that the new CEO would have a sporting background but no prior connection to bowling. I actually knew this on the 19th but I didn't write about it until the 21st. That was 11 days before the official announcement. I will not say who told me but I will make this bloody clear once and for all. It was not one of the 3 bowlers on the TBA board. So do not ever cast aspersions on them. They have too much class and professionalism. I will let the board work it out for themselves. To the unsuccessful candidates who applied for the CEO role I truly hope that you all find what you are looking for in the near future.

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I have no idea about the more modern forms of communication like Face Book etc - I don't use them and frankly see that they are just invasive nonsense. A site like this is my limit of understanding. So if the commentary about the TBA on this site indicates the numbers of bowling people interested in the TBA then I'd say the organisation is effectively out to lunch..........or will be the minute the tax payer funding runs dry - and that can't be too far away.

However it may be that there are hundreds discussing the new look TBA elsewhere - if they are then that's good because that means bowlers are buying back into the organisation and evaluating it's worth - at least emotionally.

If that is not the case then, as I have noted elsewhere on this site in recent times, it is only a matter of time until bowling's administration goes full circle and ends up being run from someone's kitchen table.......again!
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