TotalBowling Upgrade


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Havent had a real good look around but it does look very nice... well done to all those involved


I put my answer in the wrong forum as I put it in comments.
But it looks great and well done to all involved.


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Forum looks great. One question though. Am I able to restore the ability to have 40 posts per page? Makes everything so much easier.

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I quite like the new look too, just want to know what are the " points" on a users profile & their purpose ?


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To see how good you are ;)

To be honest, I have no idea.. I'll wait for "Super Forum God" to chime in there. I think it has more to do with some things that can implemented at some stage with the new software :)

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I love the new forum, but can you tell me how to upload an Excel spreadsheet? I have tried on a mac and pc and neither will let me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Steve Hunt


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When I get a chance Funky, I will have a look.... I might have to turn a setting on to be able to attach doc and xls files
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