TBA Industry monthly newsletter for January & February 2021 (these are too good not too share)


I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to send me copies of the January and / or February Industry Mail editions.
Yes, this must definitely be the way to save our wonderful game.
I have therefore decided these are simply too good not to share with the very knowledgeable general bowling public.

Extrapolative Forecasting, The Trend Component, Erratic Events, Qualitative Forecasting, Visionary Forecasting, Panel Consensus, The Delphi Technique, Historical Analogy and these are just some of the fascinating topics from the February Edition.

Next time you walk into your local centre please quiz the staff on the Delphi Technique or Historical Analogy. Why not ask them for their ''dissertation''? I can use big words as well. Try and read these 2 newsletters and ask yourself whether this is bowling's 'big fix'.

Can't you just see bowling centre staff, management and proprietors glued to their computers waiting for the next monthly edition?

Is this the TBA panacea for our sport? No doubt we will see a return to the days of a 100,000 plus membership in 2022.

Remember that our membership dues and government grants are paying for this.

If anyone can read these 2 monthly newsletters from start to finish you deserve a medal.


steve jones

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Hhmmm let me see.........................

Business analysis bull dust theory 101 is exactly what people generate when they are paid by quantity of effort rather than quality of effort. It is also generic bumf that indicates they know next to nothing about the realities of the specific industry they are involved in.

There is one critical theory that does apply however - "nothing happens and no one gets paid until someone sells something".

You know like a league, or a new team in a league, or a birthday party or corporate event - meaningful bowling industry "stuff" that drives revenue. You remember revenue, it's what you might find in reasonable quantities after all the smoke and mirrors amount to a little less than Sweet Fanny Adams.


A few thoughts:

1. It would be very interesting to survey all the proprietors and industry participants who receive this to see the proportion who a) read it, b) thought about it and c) will use the (sales) forecasting techniques.

2. Bowl Patrol only has 170 registered participants? I thought this was a flagship program? (pg 20) I'll have to cross reference the annual reports to work out the amount spent on Bowl Patrol during the year to assess for value.

3. Some of the statistics are moderately interesting. It just suggests we have strong representations in younger people and incomes $59,000 and under. Other stats are largely in-line with surveyed demographic averages or slightly below (to offset the overs). Does this help centres target their marketing mix any differently? Or chicken & egg - is this skew to a younger demographic indicative of existing marketing effort (schools, youth programs etc.)

It's not the worst publication, but I'm assessing that with no thought to the opportunity cost.
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