Storm Storm IQ Tour Fusion

Brad Day

Just bought an IQ Tour Fusion,
They are an excellent ball. If you are after something that is controllable, hooks, great pin carry and of course, smells nice! Then this is a great ball and probably for you.
I got mine drilled pin up by 2 inches to the right of the 2 lifters.
I have only bowled 8 games with it so far and let me tell you, it puts a smile on my face everytime i use it.
Hope this helps with anyone needing a quick review about the IQ Tour Fusion.

Loose Cannon

Bowlers always have time to spare.
I have this ball on my shopping list, I'd have it now except I've got two car regos due in March so I'm going to have to wait.


Member one drilled last night from andrew Frawley at shellharbour bowl and wow the more u throw it out the more it comes back..and like brad said very controllable...hands smell like blueberry muffins lol


I got mine drilled up from Brando just recently.... It's one of the best balls I've thrown. The recovery when moving inside is incredible.
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