Roto Grip Roto Grip Hyper Cell

Brad Day

Bought a hyper cell the other day and i got it drilled with the pin to the side, but slightly down. It gave me 0.5 of an ounce of side weight, so of course, i put a weight hole in it.
this ball hooks alot for the layout i have put on it.
it is very controllable, large backend, rolls very well.
i am more than happy with it, so get yourself one and see what it will do for you.


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I got one of those drilled up by Adam at wyncity and it's a monster, like you say though very controllable and predictable, quite sensitive to changes in speed but I think that is due to the layout I asked for
lots of roll as well very easy to see that going down the lane

Loose Cannon

Bowlers always have time to spare.
Great ball, very versatile can play up or across the boards with this ball. Gets thru the heads comfortably takes of midlane and a smooth big backend hook doesn't snap hard very predictable . I have my layout at 4/4/2.5.


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rolled a 258 and 257 a couple of weeks ago in a 3 game set with mine, first game was a bit wobbly so still didn't break a 700 series :(
this ball hits really hard and i'm able to be really confident using it
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