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Hey Everyone,

After yet another break due to back problems I have returned to the lanes. I decided that I would take the plunge to 14lb territory.

Had yet another ball drilled by Michael at Ballistic Revs who has never led me astray.

What I wanted, was a new benchmark ball for the standard league pattern that had a good mid-lane roll and strong backend but with a smooth transition. I bowl a fairly straight shot for someone who rolls medium revs and a slow ball speed, but have always struggled with skid-flid reactions.

I am completely unschooled at drillings, so I have included a picture of the layout for anyone interested.

My ring finger was drilled over the pin and the CG was kicked out 55 degrees, but I could be mistaken. The aim of the drilling was to tame the reaction whilst still giving a strong backend with good length.

The ball is nothing short of amazing. I bowled on a fresh league pattern at AMF Frankston and the ball was exactly what I needed.

The reaction was similar to the Track 508A but with a much smoother transition and roll resulting in a much more predictable shot. I highly recommend this ball to anyone who is seeking a Urethane like shape but wants the traction of a high performance ball.

The matte cover really works a treat with the weight block. Every shot I hit my mark was a strike and had absolutely no change in carry with moving to a 14lb ball.

Anyone who rolls a medium rev shot and loves to stay in the 15-10 board range should love this ball.

Definitely will be the first of many Roto Grip purchases I make in the coming weeks.


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