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G'Day Bowling Fans!

This could be the best ball I've drilled this year. The Reax Version 2 can be stroked up the lane on the fresh and when the head oil gets depleted, you can get left with it and follow it in all night. From what I've seen, there is nowhere too far left with the Reax Version 2 in your hand and I always like that! This ball is a beast. It just keeps hooking and carrying. It's a great ball; strong, yet versatile and able to be read easily.

The Reax Version 2 has gone straight into the number 1 bag in my kit! Keep watching and you'll see why. (Hint - watch the gap between my leg and the ball return closing the whole way through the session and watch how this ball just keeps knocking the pins silly!)





The Bowling Geek
Thanks John. I've drilled some great gear this year and this one is probably the best of the bunch. Cheers, Jason


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Had one of these drilled up by Jason at Bowlers Edge recently. I have to agree with Jason, this is the best ball I have drilled in a long time. I have been able to use it on a variety of patters and played all over the lane with it. My ball was laid out with a recommended drilling from Mo Pinel, however I forget the exact dual angle layout. It's roughly 2 1/2" pin to pap with the pin pretty much in line with the fingers and the mass bias below the thumb. This layout gives the ball an early but very controlled movement and tremendous continuation.
I recommend this ball and layout for all the high rev players out there who wish to tame aggressive backends and increase the length of the break point.

I have only had this ball a few weeks and have already cracked the 260 barrier with it on 7 different occasions and threw a nice 300 with it.

For bowlers with less revs or higher ball speeds the Reax2 can be laid out in a more aggressive manner making it suitable for those types of players.

In summary, the Reax2 is an early rolling, very continuous ball with exceptional hitting power.

Try one, you wont regret it.



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I would have to agree I have only bowled one league night with this ball and it is very readable with good carry. Very similar to the Primal rage with more control

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