Queensland Rachuig 2010 – State Team Trials Venue and Dates.


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Queensland Rachuig 2010 – State Team Trials Venue and Dates.

After A Successful 2009 campaign and with further input from past and present Rachuig Players we have improved our new format for 2010. Full Details of the Format will be available in the near future however we felt it important to release our venue for the 2010 Trials.

After Discussion with The Adult Committee and Players from both the Northern and Southern Zone it has been decided that a Single roll off take place for both Zones at Mackay Leisure Center. Our Dates for the 2010 State Team Trials are:

Saturday 20th February
Sunday 21st February

The Roll off Format will be 3 blocks of 6 Games for a total of 18 Games. Being Mindful of the distances that Queenslanders are required to travel there will be two blocks on Saturday and a Single Block on Sunday. Bowling is expected to start at 10.00am and will depending on final numbers finish around 8.00pm. Sundays bowling will commence at 9.00am finishing around 2.00pm.
There will be a comprehensive briefing and Q and A session after the Sunday squad. This will take at least 1 hour and it is essential that all the selected squad attend.

Please note that both Queensland and Queensland Invitational will be selected at this trial. The Top 20 Men and Women from the roll off will make up the Queensland Development Squad. PLEASE NOTE BOTH QUEENSLAND AND QUEENSLAND A WILL BE SELECTED FROM THE TOP 20.

Selection Criteria and details of Selectors will be Released ASAP. However it is important that a resume be submitted with your nomination form which will be out shortly.

The Other Change from last year will be nomination fees. This year’s nomination fee will be APPROXIMATELY $190 dollars. There will be a prize payout based on your finishing position. We are not be able to finalise details of the prize fund until the entries are known however in addition to income from nomination fees a sum of $2500 will also be applied to the prize fund.
Team members will have their winnings applied to their Rachuig Account.

We hope this will assist with early planning for your Rachuig 2010 Trials Campaign. Further Information and Updates will be released ASAP. Please email me Direct with Any Questions or Queries. morty@rd8.net.au

Morty Douglass
State Adult Committee


So I take it we are going back to the roll-off alternating between North and South on a yearly basis??


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No basically Mackay is the most central location to both areas. What a lot of people do miss is that though we may class Mackay as North Qld. There is still a lot of Queensland above Mackay. The Bowlers from Cairns will still have around 8 to 9 hours (I Think to Travel). Seams like a Good Location to Try the Single Roll off.

Tiger Bottomley

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I see this as a pretty good compromise. I know I'll get bashed for commenting when I'm not involved but hey.

If there is to be one Qld team this appears the fairest way. Though if the team is by selection rather than rolloff so the rolloff is of no true value I could see arguements against as well.

I think the money is great though I would give each person who made the team the same amount so all were equal. That said I can see why you would opt for this way as well.

I say congrats to all involved in making this decision and good luck. I sincerely hope its a resounding success.


Don't worry Carl you won't get flamed more than me but hey I'm used to it! ;)

Borrowing an image from tsqltutorials.com (replacing Dataset1 for NQ potential roll-off base and Dataset2 for SQ potential roll-off base):
- which evidently does not work ;)

We get the actual QLD roll-off base.


Congrats to all who try to make the roll-off.

My $0.05


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Information for the Seniors & Restricted Roll off will be released in the New Year once it is finalised.

The dates and centre mentioned are for Rachuig only.

Mark L

I don't know about anyone else but I think that haveig the roll off for the QLD team in Mackay is just more waste of money for the bowlers.
Yes it might be central, but you will have at least 1 night accommodation to pay for plus the petrol up there and back and then another cost of entry fee.
Then just to make it unworth your while you have no guarantee even if you top qualifier you still have to be chosen to be in the team.
This is a joke and taking the QLD team backwards, its costing more money and we are having to suck up to selector's as well, welcome back to the 80's
Mark Lawton


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Before anyone else jumps on the bash TBAQ bandwagon, might I suggest that you wait until the actual nomination forms and selection criteria are published? The fact that the teams will be selected from the top 20 does not mean that there will not be at least some automatic selections based on placings in the rolloff. Various options have been proposed since Rachuig, at least wait until you know all the facts before shooting your mouths off.


Generally, been a big supporter of TBAQ and TBA. No bashing here!

How about adding in the 'actual' information in with the original post (or at least wait until all the 'actual' facts are determined before posting half information)?
We can then quite rightly shoot our, well informed, mouths off! ;) :D


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Getting only half the information out at this point in time is a great idea...I think if you have any information it should be posted as soon as you know something...

Regardless what organisers do in this sport there are always an odd few that what to find the Negatives...

Hows about the fact that now you know the dates at least you can book accommodation and Flights...

Credit to Morty and TBAQ for getting some of the information out early...What would you rather all the information at the end of Jan...i am sure that would help your flight bookings...Then again that would give you all another reason to whinge...

If you want to represent your State DO IT...If you don't then move on...Best of luck to all that do...

You too Carl i hope both you and Faye roll off...


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The purpose of releasing the information so far was basically to give people a chance to arrange travel arrangements to the venue and to know the approximate cost. SELECTION CRITERIA is not up to the Adult Committee. Hence When we know you will know, However based on the teams performance last year I think it would be a safe bet to consider some of it will be the same as last year. I once again put out an open invitation to come along to the state AGM in March, put your ideas forward and perhaps put your hand up to assist and take part in the process.


In the first place, I was not complaining. It was not until it was stated, (with what I deemed a quite disrespectful attitude) that we should all "stop shooting our mouths off", that I put in a equally disrespectful response.

But with your other point:
So you propose Jase that we book flights, accommodation and so fourth now, some of which can be a non-refundable option. Wait for the full information to come out, just to find out that the new information might change the decision to go!!
Great idea!
Maybe TB might want to look into the insurance Biz and refund any lost income that may result! Any offers Jase?!?!

I stated earlier I have no qualms with TBA, TBAQ or any other Association, at this point in time.


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TB is a forum supplied for bowling traffic...it supplies a forum to advertise on...TB or nor I hold the event nor run it so i see no need for us to have to have insurance for people pulling out of events for what ever reason is given...If that was the case we would have gone broke ages ago with the run of the mill National scene...Rarely do events these days run as advertised...

As for my last post after reading Morty's i think i was close to the mark...In all due respect to most bowlers, i think you already know now if you are rolling off or not for Rachuig...Most know NOW if they want to bowl in 2010 or not...Small minority have their decisions changed or driven by the roll off or selection format...

As for cancellations of flights you can space bank them for up to 12 months so you can use them for other Tournaments or family holidays...

Rhyss...mate have a crack...you have what it takes...I bowled Rachuig twice (that's two times more than i thought i would have), an i can assure you, if you make it you will have a blast...The Queensland boys that make it are by far some of the best to bowl with...Even George...:D


No probs Jase.
The insurance thing was a joke/jibe at the situation and comments. It was not a serious request mate! ;) :D

Just to clarify, I was never complaining about the change to roll-offs, as I was not involved with the thought/decision processes. I just added my opinion on how difficult the process could be for some, who would have thought of having a go at it, if it was a similar process to this year.

For the fringe bowlers, like myself, who would have liked to have had a go this year, I thought it came as a bit of a shock that it went back to single roll-off. Honestly, I thought it went well this year - until the selection phase anyways (and as there are still twenty through the roll-off and fourteen selected, I don't see the selection phase going any smoother ;)). Changing the part that went well and keeping the parts that had problems is a little counter-intuitive to me.

If you look at the intersect diagram and place it over the state of Queensland. The scenario I painted in my first post is quite close to the truth. Having a strong base in the South and an equally strong base in the North, a roll off in both area's allows people with two kids (amongst other pressures) to have a go at a smaller expense. Having the South travel north and the North travel south you lose bowlers from the potential roll-off base from BOTH areas, due to the higher costs.

I cannot afford to bet on the chance of getting into the top 20 and then being lucky enough for a selector or two giving me 'the chance' one needs to make the team.
I would love too, but with a family with two kids on a single, average wage, adding to the fact that I have only bowled for 4 years, I couldn't afford the gamble.
No matter how "lucky" I have been this year!

The jibe about waiting for the information to come out before "shooting our mouths off" was the thing that set me off! Quite frankly it was out of order and the first real 'negative' in this thread. In reality, the information coming does not really change the decision process, in terms of whether to attend the roll-off, but my subsequent posts were ‘subtly’:)p) designed to covey that fact. ;)

My $0.05. <- Hey Cam, I deal in Dollars! ... Fractions of Dollars ... maybe so ... but Dollars none the less! I WIN! :p ;) :D

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I see this as a pretty good compromise. I know I'll get bashed for commenting when I'm not involved but hey.


I think it is exactly the opposite. I think the game needs people like yourself who have bowled nationally and internationally and seen what works well and what doesn't. I think more input from some other QLD legends would be a huge positive for the success of the State Teams, I mean lets face it over the years we have some unbelievably talented bowlers who possess quite a bit of knowledge.

Oh and by the way you would look great in a Queensland Rachuig shirt :D:D

And if the selectors are who I have been told they are, then TBAQ also deserve a huge pat on the back as these people would provide a huge amount of credibility to the selection process.
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