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Ben A

Not bowling anymore
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The QLD Tournament Sub Forum is place where QLD centres can advertise their tournaments on TotalBowling.
Other state tournaments will be moved into the relevant state's sub forum.

For the convenience of all members, please keep all tournament corresponce in the same thread such as Entry Forms, Squad Listings and Final Results. If seperate threads are created then they will merged.

TotalBowling kindly asks that if you are going to advertise your tournament on TotalBowling then, as a courtesy, please place the TotalBowling logo somewhere on your entry form.

(Right Click then Save Target As)


Andrew S.

Gold Coast
Does this mean that all Queensland tournaments will now use this thread, and only this thread?
Thus eliminating the need for all those forums and subforums and other confusing forums that only confuse us?

Good move. Thanks Admins.

Ben A

Not bowling anymore
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Create a new thread in this sub forum for any new tournaments, do not use this thread.
This is only an announcement thread.
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