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Hi All For those Aussie Seniors interested we have two remaining to tournemnts this year at Tauranga
Winter Seniors 19th/20th June 2010
Spring Seniors 18th/19th Semptember 2010
Same format as yours 10 games Saturday 8 games Sunday
We would look forward to seeing you ,accomodation is not a problem
Cheers Stu Turnbull:p:p:p:p


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As Stu has already indicated, it would be great to have some Australian Senior bowlers at either of the 2 remaining 2010 Tauranga Senior events. We know the prize fund is not that attractive, but we will try to keep the cost low for any Australians if we can. Stu has already indicated that accomodation shouldn't be a problem. As far as transport goes, Tauranga does have an airport but only for domestic flights. There are many Australia to Auckland flights and a few to Hamilton and Rotorua. Tauranga is around 2.5 hours drive from Auckland, 1.5 hours from Hamilton and 1 hour from Rotorua. If anyone comes to the tournament we should be able to do airport pickups at Tauranga and Rotorua, and although a little more difficult perhaps Hamilton.

Hope to see some of you in NZ some time. Please email me at if you are coming and want some assitance with accommodation or ground transport.

See some of you in Melbourne.
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