Norm Duke where were you???


Congratulations to Norm for running second in the PBA 50 Hammond Senior Open in Indiana.

Well at least we now know where he was!!! It explains why Norm wasn't down south for that very much hyped little 6 bowler exhibition tournament in Hobart over the weekend where each of the six competitors bowled 10 games over 3 days (not 10 games per day) to cut to the top 6 for a stepladder final.

Sorry it wasn't a cut - my mistake. Six bowlers competed to be be seeded from 1-6 for the stepladder finals.

Now before anyone panics the AFL is not moving to an 18 team final series next year. The top 8 will still have to earn their place to compete in the finals.

Anyway it was another win for Jason Belmonte. I know he collected a lovely trophy but if someone knows what the Prizemoney was I would love to know.

It was very nice to hear from all of the 6 bowlers who spoke very positively of the experience whenever they were asked to speak on camera. All 4 overseas competitors appear to be very happy to visit again if the opportunity arises again.


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It would be good for the sport if more PBA bowlers headed this way for tournaments.

Anyway I was out of the game for a few years but came back to it a couple of years ago but now I see Rachuig is now not just state based and as far as I can tell there is no Vic or NSW team. Seems a bit of a mish mash.


Over the years a number of PBA champions visited our shores and it was always fantastic when they did.
Dick Weber was probably the first when he visited Melbourne and Sydney in the 1960's.
The Melbourne Cup of the late 70's and early 80's brought out super star bowlers including Dave Davis, Glenn "Mr 900'' Allison, Barry Asher, Mike McGrath & Steve Neff. In 1988 Donna Adamek won the Melbourne Cup with most probably the greatest stepladder performance ever seen in this country when she rolled from memory what was about 773 for her 3 matches.
Earl Anthony did a tour in I think 1988. Parker Bohn also did an exhibition tour in the 2000s.
Mike Miller (Dana's brother) and Hugh Miller (no relation) also bowled in Australia on multiple occasions.
There was a tour in 1991 of Seniors PBA players including such notable PBA champions as Dave Soutar, Les Zikes, Gene Stus John Hrscina & Jimmy Certain.
PBA Champion Wayne Chester actually moved to Australia and the last time I spoke with him he was living in country Victoria.
Of course 2 time US Ladies Open champion Dana Miller-Mackie spent a great deal of time in Australia over 30 years ago. There are many other great bowlers from the Ladies tour who have also visited our shores. There was actually a Ladies tour which took place around the early 90's I think.
In 2012 The Australian Masters was conducted as a PBA International title and it was won by Jason Belmonte. The ladies division was won by Diandra Asbaty of Chicago.
Twenty time PBA Champion Dick Ritger visited on many occasions as he traveled the world conducting coaching clinics. Ritger along with the great Mike Aulby was arguably one of the toughest players mentally to ever compete on the PBA tour. Ritger won 20 titles but only had 4 Runner Up finishes.

This is nowhere near an exhaustive list but it was fun to knock this off from memory while my cup of tea cooled down.

I am sure that others can add to it.
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