New Zealand to host Commonwealth Tenpin Bowling Championships

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Today’s announcement by the President of the Commonwealth Tenpin Bowling Federation, Julian Pace-Bonello, of the success of Tenpin Bowling New Zealand’s bid to host the next COMMONWEALTH TENPIN BOWLING CHAMPIONSHIP in February 2013 has been widely acclaimed by the international bowling fraternity. With enthusiastic support by TBNZ’s Board and membership, and the anticipated involvement of regional and national tourism authorities, the VI Commonwealth Tenpin Bowling Championship will be staged at Pins Lincoln Road Bowling Centre in Henderson, Auckland. Championship dates are scheduled from 9-17 February 2013. The host Centre comprises 24 recently-refurbished wooden lanes, AMF pin setting equipment, Computer Score automatic scoring, a fully equipped Proshop and TBNZ’s own Kegel Sanction 500 lane oiling equipment. It also offers a large open plan area with ample space for bowlers and spectators alike.

Bowlers, officials and supporters throughout the Commonwealth will be invited to Auckland to participate, and the VI Commonwealth Tenpin Bowling Championship is expected to attract teams from at least 20 Commonwealth nations.
Full details of the Championship schedule, host centre, local transport/ accommodation arrangements and the link to a dedicated Championship website will be included in the first of a series of Bulletins that will be published early in 2012 by the Commonwealth Tenpin Bowling Federation and host, Tenpin Bowling New Zealand Inc.



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Nice work sheep shaggers..... Congrats to all involved who made this possible. It is an honour and privilege to host such an event, looking forward to it....
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