new to the forum, not so new to bowling


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hey everyone, long time lurker first time poster

played for 8 or 9 years then gave it away when I started uni, now back again since the start of the year at Wyncity

Still using all my gear from 12 years ago when I gave it away lol, good to be back into it and bowling better than ever, if it only wasn't for the sore back lol


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Welcome back... everyone comes back.

12 years is a long time... can I ask is your old gear 16lb? Just thought it might be considering its over a decade old.

Not many throwing 16 now, the way the balls are today its not really necessary, I suggest if your back is sore you drop weight asap.


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I'm pretty sure most of it was 14 or 15, don't think I ever got to the stage of 16

was told by the other half when he picked up my resurfaced ball from Adam at Wyncity that it was a 'blast from the past', looked up when it was first sold and it goes back to 1999 lol

any new gear I get i'll be looking at 15, sure i'll be in good hands at wyncity either way :)
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