Motiv - Sigma Sting review


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Recently drilled up a Sigma Sting, the latest in the Sigma line from Motiv.

For those familiar with the SR2, this uses the same core with the fusion coverstock wrapped around it as found on other great Motiv balls such as the Tribal, Cruel Intent and Primal Rage.

After owning a SR2, I was expecting this ball to be out of control for me and so I went for a long layout. I was in for a real surprise. This ball is not as aggressive in the mid lane as the core/cover combination would suggest.

I went with 6" pin to pap with the pin just below the finger line. This long layout gives ball a very easy time through the front of the lane and once it picks up, the ball moves quite strongly off the hook spot without the 'hockey stick' type ball reaction that sometimes occurs with balls like this.

The Sting is best suited to medium oil, however I've found it does great work when the lanes really start to break down. With the extremely clean front end, there is only a slight midlane movement before the sting unleashes an aggressive, but controlled arc to the pocket.

I would recommend this ball for players with a medium through to high rev rate, with an appropriate layout for the ball speed of the player.

If you are looking for a ball to go to when the lanes start to transition and hook early, the Sigma sting is a great option. Whilst not the biggest hooking of the balls with the fusion cover stock, it has certainly earned a place in my bag for getting me out of trouble when the lanes start to hook early.
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