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Hi everyone
My name is Ronald Rickard. I started working as a pinspotter tech in 1992 left the industry in 2010.
6 years experience on 8230.
5 years experience on 8270, 8290, 8270-XLI upgrade.
6 years experience on A, A2.
1 year experience on GS96, Also did a bit of work on GS98.
Also other general maintenance in center, machine install and deinstall.
I have been working at a mine for the past 6 years. I am interested in getting back in the industry
and just wondering if there is any work.I would be interested in the Newcastle erea but I am open
to any other place. I think my 18 years might be beneficial. I spent 12 years as a head mechanic.
I can send resume on request
Thank you

l marsden

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hi ron, how you going? I heard you were working in a mine out orange way or something. I have just finished some refurb work at strathfield for amf. heading home tomorrow then up to mt.isa for some machine maintenance.
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