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I always get asked the question - how do I convert my entry forms to pdf to put on the forum ?

Now there is an answer : CutePDF printer at

This is a free program that allows you to convert any file to pdf. It is as simple as selecting print, selecting CutePDF printer as the printer, and typing a filename and the program does the rest.

Head over and download the program here - you will also need the PS2PDF converter which is on that page also. Once both bits are installed you will be right to go.

Hopefully this helps all of you that have been wanting something like this!
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You then paid via bank deposit or cheque or cash.....who said technology was better ???
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I downloaded a free app (both android and apple) called CAM SCANNER (CS) - you can print it out, take a photo with the app - conversion to PDF is free and you can email it straight from the app :)
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