Great result at NSW State Junior championships at Maitland

Triple S

I know it is a bit late and old news but it still warrants a post.

A BIG congratulations to Nicola McColl and Gareth Quirke for both winning the NSW Open Masters on 19 Feb at Maitland. For their efforts they have won a spot in the Junior Open Masters in April and also Sydney Junior Cup in October. WELL DONE!

Also a notable mention to Zoe Trungove, Ami Friend, David Hunt and Hayden Sproule for all qualifying for Classic and Open Masters.

A good confidence builder leading into the 2012 PJIS in April.



The Bowling Geek
Way to go kids! Good efforts all round. Kudos in particular to Nicola and Gareth. Each and every one of you are a pleasure to drill for and help out from time to time. Keep up the hard work.



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Awesome post here guys! Great to see the talent coming through the ranks! Congrats to all and especially the winners.
One major winner is the sport and it is lucky to have you all!


Posse Court Jester
WOW! Well done guys! Especially Nicola! Great to see her improve so much!
You've earned it guys!
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