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Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels
Future Star's has been running very successfully in Victoria for the last 6 months, and it's now being introduced in NSW/ACT....What is Future Star's you ask? Below is an outline of our program..

Vision: A local based reputed bowling program that develops elite bowlers with the desire to achieve excellence in tenpin bowling, character development and learning.

Mission: The Future Star's program is committed to the mission of creating a legendary bowling team, one that strives for excellence in every game we play, giving all that is needed to finish the game well with integrity, passion and pride. As a united team, we trust our teammates and staff to bring us to the peak of our potential.

Objectives: 1. Create an environment that emphasizes mutual respect for each other, team work, and a positive competitive spirit among all individual bowlers in the program.
2. Build a strong leadership program in our program that reflects our team unity and develops strong character values.
3. Set a standard of professionalism and quality training for all bowlers in the program to follow in that instils in our athletes a strong work ethic, perseverance, and a desire to succeed.

Coaches & Mentors: Head Coach: Andrew Frawley & Paul Delaney
Mentors: Glen Loader & Stephen Cowland

Venue: Shellharbour Bowl
Cost: $25 per monthly camp
Set-up & Benefits: To hand pick 15 candidates between the age of 12-23 that we feel have a great chance to succeed in our sport with the right coaching, guidance and mentoring. Each candidate that is selected will be given a "Future Star's" shirt to wear to every camp, and to wear when they are competing as well. When choosing these candidates we should be looking at kids that like to bowl - Junior/Youth Nationals, Presidents Shield, East Coast, Junior/Youth ranked events, as these are the kids that already have the competitive spirit, with our help these students could become the next stars of our sport. Perhaps a good start would be those bowlers that missed the representative teams last year. Each mentor will text their students before and after an event to see how they went, ask what they thought they did well at, and not so good at, as this will lead into the next camp for the mentor to address and work on with his/her student, in alliance with their coaches instructions.
It's a great way to educate these kids all about our brands, the difference between all the equipment, how to maintain their equipment, re-surfacing their equipment, layouts, playing different parts of the lane, different patterns, mental game, sparing. Each student will have a range of tasks to complete at each camp, any task the mentor feels that the student needs to work on will become their homework to work on till the next camp.

If you would like to be a part of this successful program, and further your knowledge of the game and be more competitive, drop me an email, and I'll send you the application forms to fill out.

Glenn Rowland
Head of Future Star's
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