Flinder St (Melbourne) Under ground Bowling Centre

Yes I bowled there in my teens it was the Mutal bowl & we also had the Southern Cross bowl as well.

Darrell Holt
Was that in the Southern Cross Hotel Bourke Street
I remember someone telling me about a motel in Melbourne that had a lanes


Bowled there in the 80's before it closed. If you bowled on lane 14 I think it was you had to negotiate the fact the lane was not straight. There was a bit of an angle in the boards part of the way down the lane. It was interesting to bowl there in the City. Wooden lanes, dry as. You definately needed to clean your bowling balls after you bowled there. Interesting how the Mutual group were the ones that instigated Colac bowl.

I remeber going down in the basement there a few times to try to look at where the Mutual Bowl used to be. Remember seeing the building all dark and closed of but could make out lane markings. I think this was as late as the mid nineties but could even have been later.


I bowled my first game at Southern Cross Bowl and first league season and then moved to leagues at Golden Bowl Camberwell. I remember George Scranton at Mutual Bowl, he later also worked at Golden Bowl. George was a very lovely man.
Does anyone remember Len Bailey of AMF?


Hey Barry remember the golden Bowl. Danny Gibson was charged with taking me bowling there the day of my 21st birthday party so I would not be around. Only bowled there that one time but was a good bowl.


I remember Len Bailey very well he was the Marketing Manager for the then IBA bowling centers Hawthorn, Coburg, Moorabbin, Box Hill, Heidelberg and Footscray. He created a travelling Junior Team called the IBA Juniors as a tem they were undefeated against Junior or Adult teams. There was a representative from each center.
John Sullivan - Hawthorn
Steve Bell - Box Hill
Wayne Warner - Coburg
Ken Truswell - Footscray
Ross Brown - Heidelburg
Peter Morris - Moorabbin


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Southern Cross Bowl. Bowled a Doubles 24Hr. Marathon there in 1963. Was total pinfall in 24 hrs. Could have both bowling, or just one bowling ( which sacrificed pinfall ) Always had to have one bowling or team disqualified.

I knew there had to be some reason that I get tired feet very easily to-day!!!


I think this doubles event was won by Jonathan Daly, a very well known TV personality of the day. I am not sure of who his doubles partner may have been.Could have been Jack Little, the TV wrestling commentator or one of his many American connection friends.
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