Blast from the past - 1993 South Pacific Classic (Part 3 - G


This is the future!!!
Maxine and Amanda are the easiest to Pick out Karena Tsouris is in there and Katie Stuart too

Brenton Davy

ONly a few but here goes...

Back row far right is Maxine Nable
Middle Row - 3rd from right is Karena Tsouris and far right is Amanda Bradley, (know the face between them but forget the name)
Front row 2nd from left is Katie Stuart, far right is a Victorian girl, (Bianc Richards maybe?)
Bottom row, left.

Sheree De Kaste, now known as Sheree Kenley of course.

You have not changed a bit Sheree. Although you did not look quite as healthy last night.



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Ok well you have picked the most easy ones, as in Amanda and Maxine etc, I think I know 3 that is middle row first person is Bea Rayner, bottom row 4th person is I think Kerry Gravestocks, and the bottom row 5th person is Bianca Richardson.


Ok I think I can remember some of these girls. Top row: Donna ?? from NT, Monique Vilkas from Northern NSW, Rebecca O'Byrne from NNSW, don't know and Maxine Nable.
Middle row: Bea Rayner from Vic, Leona Milzewski QLD, Karen Johnson NSW, Karena Tsouris SA, Cherie-Lee Archer SA??, Amanda Bradley NSW.
Bottom row: Don't know, myself, Samantha Edwards NSW, Kerry Gravestocks VIC and Bianca Richards from VIC.
I think I've only left out 2. Not bad since it was almost 9 years ago.


katie, is that The miss former Katie Stuart! Its Jess Jakeway now Nahas, Been trying to find a contact 4 you.


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Hey Jess, yeah it is me..Back to Stuart now:) Send me one of those private message things and we'll have a chat..
Hi, i have several trophies belonging to monique vilkas from 6 austin street georgetown.
If anyone knows her contact details i would like to return them to her.
Acknowledgment of past achievements are important to a persons identity.
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