Other Black Pearl Blue Ocean Review

Lane Masters – Black Pearl Blue Ocean
Dual Angle 76 x 5 x 50​
I drilled this ball for the Longer, lower volume and broken down THS patterns where I could move left and swing it out to 5 board at the breakpoint.
My first opportunity to bowl with this ball however was on low friction, high volume, fresh oil at OzTenpin Epping and I was pleasantly surprised at how well this ball performed, standing right of my benchmark spot and keeping the ball down the line around 7 to 10 board.
The BPBO clears the heads easily on all conditions, it reads the midlane well, comes strongly off the spot into the pocket while retaining its energy through the pins. The ball is extremely readable and responds well to speed, axis and revolution changes.
The BPBO is a two piece ball; this type of construction not only gives the ball a unique sound when hitting the pins but also helps in the transference of energy from ball to pins resulting in excellent pin action resulting less cold corner pins.

Overall I give this ball a 9/10 there isn’t much I can fault other than the short pin I had on the balled I drilled up.
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