Ball Drillers in Perth


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I'm back to bowling after a couple of decades off. In the 'good old days' every centre had a pro-shop and someone who could drill a ball.

It is very different now however.

I have had a ball drilled recently at Superbowl in Melville (the job was good and their range was good - in comparison to other centres that is).

Is there anywhere or anyone else in Perth that can drill a ball?

More than happy to buy one myself and take it to them to be drilled (and pay accordingly) - as it would be hard to expect a centre to hold the ranges and weights of balls available today.

Welcome Back to Bowling :)

The pro shop scene is very different now and few centres have dedicated shops

New Era Bowling is based in Melbourne but happily ship to all states and do so regularly. I am happy to work with you if this is an approach you want to look at. Email me at if interested.

As for drilling, Ken Thompson is the only person in WA I trust to do this for me. I believe he can be contacted via Zone Bowling Cannington.

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