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TB So of all the sports you could have done as a youngster, why Tenpin Bowling?

MS I did tenpin bowling basically because my dad was into it so i used to go and watch him bowl league and tournaments.

TB What was your first game as a youngster?

MS My first game was i think about 5 or something like that as we did not have bumpers am pretty sure my first season of league i averaged about 16!

TB How long was it before you realised you were special and had a real talent for the sport.

Don’t think i ever realised it just kept doing what i was doing and having fun.

TB Some people really have to work at bowling to become talented junior players and others seem to be born with good hand eye coordination which do you think you were?

MS I was never really a talented junior as it was not until i was 17 i went to fingertip? But i have always been good with my hand eye co ordination which stems probably from doing archery before i started bowling.

TB Which was the first tournament you won as an individual?

MS The first tournament i won was a handicapped junior event at Ringwood bowl. it was my very first tournament as well and dad said don’t expect too much on the way down in the car so to come away winning a pinball machine and a big trophy at my first try was amazing don’t think dad expected me to win that day?

TB Do you still get the same buzz winning an event as you did when in junior bowling?

MS That junior win was and still is one of the biggest buzzes i have had but i still get a huge buzz out of winning anything whether it’s on the punt or on the pool table it’s all winning!

TB Now you are a top Australian player and one people keep their eye on in events, does the pressure of being who you are to some people affect you in any way.

MS Not really i have never really thought about it and am not going to start now

TB It’s not known too much but you do a lot within tenpin bowling to help raise the profile of the sport and you also coach beginners. Is coaching something you think you will do more of in the future.

MS I would like to help out juniors in the future but only with advice and some tips i have no aspirations to take up coaching.

TB What tournament do you still want to win the most?

MS Definitely south pacific and Rachuig i love team events it’s what i get the most out of!

TB Having played at the highest levels already do you have ambition’s to take it further say maybe the USA Professional bowlers tour or PBA as its known in America.

Definitely not any interest at all

TB Would you consider being shrunk into a mobile phone game or a next generation online game?

MS Could be fun

TB An idea is to have a Pro celebrity Bowler showdown on TV to raise the profile of tenpin bowling and to make Australians aware that we are world leaders in the sport. Who if you had a choice would you love to bowl with.

MS Norm Duke, Chris Barnes, Walter ray and Brian Pilkington (Pilko)

TB Have you ever thought of a bit of modeling?


TB Besides bowling what did you want to be when you were growing up?

MS A success

TB What do you do outside the sport for fun?

MS Spend time with family especially now i am going to be a dad again around Easter!

TB If you were to tell anyone why should they tenpin bowl what would you say?

MS It’s a great sport to get involved in i have made some of the longest friends i have known and it’s just basically an enjoyable sport to be part of at any level.

TB The sports given you some good friends and let you travel the world, would you say it’s been worth it?

MS Definitely worth it those p and p nights we had as a team over in Denmark are some of the greatest moments i can remember!!!!

TB What would be the highlight of your career to date?

MS The highlight i don’t really have one i love Rachuig and representing my country the recent Australian masters, captaining a great group of guys to the Rachuig wins but probably the highlight if i had to choose one would be the bronze medal win at the world team challenge would be it we were written off with no chance of finishing anywhere and to beat the Americans and the Poms was great!

TB Knickers, Boxers or free ball.

MS Comfy undies

TB Who has been your driving force in your career?

MS The driving force in my career probably my dad and especially over the last few years Louise Eady my coach and now as well my girlfriend her belief in me is amazing and will forever be thankful for her coming into my life.

Cheers Mac
TB good read thankyou ....

Mack it was all good except for the comphy undies thing....
I might have to change my A.O prediction ...Blaaaaahhhhhh !
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