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Not sounding naïve but "please explain", couldn't help myself. What was the issue about? What was the QLD Committee ruling and why was it necessary that it had to be taken to the National Board? Could someone please explain what this is all about and why is it necessary to make this public especially without the permission of the person in question?? This issue would have been forgotten very quickly but now it has just been inflamed and just makes you want to ask questions.
Not a happy family at all. No common sense from committee in first place, and as stated above it was a committee decision which should
have stayed there not broadcasted on social media.

Kevin Blackmore

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Totally agree with you Hazza, this type of lack of decorum from some power tripping committee members with the herd attitude are one of the reasons I don’t bowl ATBSO. The reason we bowl ATBSO should be greater than individual egos. Where is the compassion and commonsense with you in the situation the world is currently in.
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