5-bagger to start...


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Ur not the only one, I seem to do it all the time. Start with a 3-4 bagger and then screw the whole game up with splits and gutters!

What's that about that Irish bloke Murphy? One of the best philosophers that I know! :D

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Sadly that was my good game. My avg is only 150. High game so far was a 6-bag, 7/, x, followed by a woeful two open frames for a final 219.
OK well that is a good effort considering your average.

I have found the worst thing to do is to worry about what other people bowl... just think about your average and consider your scores in light of how they are compared to your average.

eg. With an average of 201, if I bowl a 210 it is not as good as if someone with a 150 average bowls the same score...

It would only be 9 pins over average compared to 60!

Keep up the good work, and I will try to get the spares when bagging strikes lol

8 strikes... 186 - deplorable lol I really have to get those spares;)


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my first 200 i started with the first 5, and struggled across for a 208, now i'd be spitting it to waste such a start, i can remember how happy i was that day though


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I remember i have started with 4 in a row and left the remaining frames open and also done it with a 6 in a row start.


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Start with XXX9/X and ended with a score of 179.

I shot my first 4 bagger when I was a kid. I shocked myself and paniced and backed it up with a double gutter in the 5th lol.

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When I shot my very first 200 (a 211), I had the front 6 and just got over the line. I remember how hard I worked to crack that first 200.. less than 5 years later I was averaging over that in 3 different houses.. Then I came unstuck again :confused:


Best thing to do is not look at the scoreboard during the game..
When ever i start stringing a few together I don't look at the scoreboard again til the game is over. ;)

Still a good game given your 150 average so don't be too disappointed. :)
i did the same thing but in reverse...
i started with a spare and then 4 opens... was 50 after 5 frames and then bagged out for a 200 even. :p
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