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Well we have reached the big 4000 members. First of all I would like to thank Graham for setting up this great forum, without it this sport would be lost, thanks also to Jason for taking it over after Graham started his early retirement and decided that enough was enough, Jason took the site one step further with the update of the live scores section, the arcade the similes just to name a few.

Thanks most of all too you the forum members, without you all logging in to say hi, and telling your friends about this site, this site would not be what it is today.

Thanks to everyone once again for all your support when it comes to this site.

Cheers Kellie


congrates to 4000 ppl, just shows that without the support of kellie,jase and graham bowling might be dead and buried.


Congrats Kellie, Jase & co for continuing to provide our sport a lifeline. Without Total Bowling I am pretty sure we would not have any sport to indulge in as easy as we currently have available to us. Here's to looking forward to the announcement of the achievement of 5000 members as I'm petty sure it won't take as long as the last 1000 did.


Congratulations for a very good site, without it the Sport would not have any way to convey the information needed to keep Tournaments etc; running. In the last few years that I worked in Bowling(finished in 2005), I could not even tell you when the SPC was bowled, due to the lack of Advertising done, even when I worked for AMF!



congrates to graham and jase and kellie as all of you have done a great job in making this site even better from the start and it will contiune congrates guys

Aussie Inferno

Congrats to the entire Total Bowling team. Keep up the great work.


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Thank you all @ Total Bowling. We need more of the same to get ten pin out there!!!

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