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Practicing today with my old plastic and I bowled 300, but only scored 194. It happened like this. Put the 1st ball down, and you've all had the feeling . Release dead right, hit target board, right line and speed - you know it's 'ten in the pit', as soon as it leaves your hand. It hits just the way you knew it would - one 'whoomph' and they're all gone !!! .Well, all except the 7 pin, that is. So, knock the 7 pin over, and on to the 2nd frame. Identical - No doubt this time - Whoomph - this time ! - Well, almost, just except for the 10 pin. Knock it down.
3rd... This time !! - Yes ! Strike! Seldom do I ( or you) throw what look like absolute identical shots - almost, yes, but identical - No! But these 3 were identical !
4th... Identical again...10pin. Miss it - open frame.
5th, 6th, 7th... All totally the same - Whoomph, Whoomph, Whoomph. 7pin, 10pin, 7pin..

Next 2 - absolute perfection, and duplicates of the previous 7... Both strikes !!.

Now for the 10th. Hard to believe i've thrown such identical shots - Done it again!!
10pin. Knock it down, and do it one more time.

Last ball - perfect again - Strike. Score 194. Dont remember when I last threw 11 seemingly perfect first balls in a game.... Been in the pocket over and over? Yes, but identical? No!

This is a weird game. In cricket, they were all sixes.' Any game where you score goals - football, hockey, basketball, they would have been all goals. Serves in tennis - all right in the corner, prob unreturnable.

This really is a silly game............ Hold on a minute, though - I've been playing it, on and off for about 53 years.... Must say something about me ...Hummm??


Well done on your 194... :D

I have seen some bowlers bowl what seem to be identical shots with the same release, ball speed, target and break point to fall short of the perfect score... However I have seen some very ordinary 300 games bowled as well where the bowler hasn't hit the same target, has gone brooklyn, through the nose, fluffed it off the hand all with inconsistent speed and approach... Sometimes all you can do is wonder... Why.


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Angle of intersection equals angle of reflection.... Identical....afraid not Mr Cross
They could have been identical ! The pin set-up differs every time, even if only in minor ways. It certainly is not identical. Didn't think of that, did you? That robot thingo - or maybe there's more than one now - that bowls balls in the 'States', I read on this site probably about a year ago, has apparently never thrown 300. Maybe we have something in common ?? - That is NOT an invitation for rude remarks !!!!
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