2020 Qld World Cup of Champions Entry Form and Squad List

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Squad List as at 18/10/19 3:25pm

Have had an overwhelming response in the couple of hours since posting the entry form with about 9 reserves at the moment, so if everyone with their names down can please start making deposits you have until 30th of November to get your deposit in after that paid reserves will than start taking over places.

1. Animal (2010 Champion)
2. Rikki Reid
3. Grant Hold
4. Carl Womack
5. Darryl Alford
6. Greg Hargreaves
7. Ben Turner
8. Rudy Turoczi
9. Dylan Lucas
10. Daniel Bernardin
11. Aden Roffey
12. Aaron Midgley
13. Tony Hamilton
14. Dale Stewart
15. Ken Tynan
16. Morty Douglass
17. Peter Mifsud
18. Brian Robinson
19. Terry Wenban (2009 Champion)
20. Shayne Melton
21. Alicia Melton
22. Jeff Gortmans
23. Ashley Warren
24. Brendan Meads (2015 Champion)
25. Tarmeka Tritton
26. Bart Jeffery (2018 Champion)
27. Shaun Dunn
28. Sean Bowling
29. Derek Adams
30. Brodie Rountree
31. Ray Trenham
32. Brian Adams (Defending Champion)


1. Geoff Mure
2. David Kirby
3. Brad Hales
4. Beau Stafford
5. James Sitters
6. Charlie Linsdell
7. George Frilingos
8. Rob Kaluci
9. David Cupit


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Unfortunateley I won't be ready to bowl by the 5th so if you can pull me out of the event it would be appreciated, let someone else who can bowl in.


Deposit paid yesterday over the phone. Jeff Gortmans

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caboolture bowl

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Updated Squad List please note from now any paid deposits will enter straight into the event, we only have 3 unpaid spots left.
If you miss out you're more than welcome to pay a deposit and if you don't happen to get in we will give you your deposit back.



caboolture bowl

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Updated List as at 29/12/19,

If there is anyone who can no longer make the event please let me know as soon as you can as we need to have 32 bowlers for this event to run and we have a number of reserves waiting to get in.



caboolture bowl

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Had a few last minute drop outs in the last couple days so here is the current list with a full field, if you can't bowl please let me know ASAP as we must have 32 bowlers for this event to run.

Please remember check-in is 8:30am in the morning.

See you all in the morning.

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