2006 Under 25's Youth Challenge


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Well Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, It’s getting close to that time of year that we all look forward to. We are 4 weeks away from the start of the 2006 Youth Teams Challenge..
For those of you who didn’t already know, I am pleased to announce that Scott Smith and I have been given the task of running the tournament this year.. We are hoping to bring a wealth of experience and tournament knowledge as well as a great deal of enthusiasm to the tournament this year giving it a new lease on life.
In the past couple of months we have been working with all the centres to obtain feedback on the things that need changing. We have listened to all points of view and taken on all ideas to try to make this the best Tournament EVER!!
At this stage we are only making a number of small changes. Given that we prove ourselves to be worthy Tournament directors and it goes off without a hitch we would expect to be running the tournament for quite sometime. The changes you will see for this year are briefly listed below, there may be others, but at this point these are the changes to date:
1.Rules and regulations
Have been brought into line with the National Youth Challenge.
2.Points System
has been changed – also inline with National Youth Challenge
has been separated from the Tournament, Still falls under the umbrella of Under 25’s but is a separate entity and has no bearing on the tournament outcome.4th place has been removed from masters placings and standard 1st, 2nd and 3rd will remain.
4.Emergency rule
has been introduced for the purpose of replacing a bowler in the event they have to withdraw from the tournament.
5.Team Selction criteria
has been brought into line with the national tournament guidelines.
6.Directors award
This has been introduced by Adam and Scott to give something back to the bowlers. Hopefully it will be seen as a prestigious award that only the best of the best will be able to achieve.
7.The sportsperson awards.
Both males and females will vote for both awards.
8.Tournament Cost
The cost of the tournament has been capped at $135 and with the help of sponsorship we are hoping to further reduce the cost of the tournament and return money to the centres/bowlers through various means.
9.Ball checking
Has been changed to avoid problems that have occurred in the past.
There may be a number of issues that may arise out of the new rules and regulations, particularly in regard to selection criteria. We will be adopting a ‘phase in period’ for this year and will grant exemptions under certain circumstances.
We have set a number of goals to try and achieve for this year and for the coming years. So please, if you don’t see the changes you want to see this year, don’t be alarmed, we haven’t ignored them but we are only human, we can only do so much :D
Each centre and/or team representative, should have received and email today. That will have attached to it the Tournament entry form and Rules and regulations.
In addition to trying to improve the tournament we are trying to utilise the draft more efficiently and get as many numbers bowling as possible. Although most centres will be forwarding the details of bowlers that aren’t selected to represent, you people out there may know of interested people who could be eligible for the draft too. If you know of or are someone that would be interested in drafting to bowl for another team you can email either myself or Scott on under25s@poboxes.com
In addition to the changes we are implementing this year and the ideas that have been put forward to us already, we are looking for any input from the community out there to help us plan for future years.
Also we are trying to create a database of eligible bowlers and their contact details for future reference and correspondence. If you would like to be included in our database please email us and we will add your details in.
For now that is it from me. I’m sure you will hear from Scott and I in the near future as the tournament draws closer. I look forward to hearing from you all with Ideas and names for the draft. If you have any questions or wish to speak to us in greater detail please email us on the address I includes earlier in the piece.
Let’s make this the best Under 25’s ever.
Spence :cool:


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Hi again guys,

It appears that I made and error when put the email address in the last post please forward your emails to under25s@poboxes.com.au please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused I am sincerly sorry.



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Mistakes happen no biggie. Now to important matters seeing as Captain Smith and yourself have taken over tournament duties does that mean that it would inappropriate for "THE ODDS" or can we expect to see something out soon with only two weeks til the tournament.



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Well Bobba, I guess if 'the people' want 'the odds' and its all taken light heartedly as it is always meant then I cant see why something cant be arranged :)

might need the team lists posted up thou so im not breaching any confidntiality agreements ;)
G'day spence, elizabeth team is as follows:

Steven Gaertner
Paul Streatfield
Damien Teague
Scott Miles

Amy Heib
Nicole Hollis
Crystal Myatt
Laura Williams

Male Manager: Paul Johnston
Female Manager: Betty Johnson
Coach: Leon Brady

Cheers mate,
paul streatfield


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I just want to say kudos to Adam and Scott for putting their hands up to be tournament directors for this prestigious event. Any one who wants to volunteer their time to help run, improve and see the continuing success of this and any tournament deserves to be thanked whole heartedly.

Like them I bowled in the Under 25's Tournament a few times (not especially well mind you) before I became too old (quite a while ago now) and it was a great experience. They were the only times I bowled in any kind of scratch event and was proud to be representing my home centre, I even bowled with the winning team once and helped break a record! The atmosphere at this event used to be electric, everyone hyped up and excited and out to be the winning centre.

Good luck and high scoring to all the bowlers competing this year. I must say though, nostalgia coming through...
GO CROSS ROAD!!\\:D/ \\:D/ \\:D/


Salisbury Teams:
Guys: Lee Hutchison
Michael Chugg
Tim Tran
Michael Tran

Girls: Jamie-ann Kennedy
Vicki Hannam
Tori Thompson
Tymeka Goold


:D Hi Guys :D

Here is the team for Noarlunga

Matthew Wakefield
David Wakefield
Russell Martin
Paul Head

Tammy Kent
Elizabeth Hook
Jessica Bowles
Aleesha Jones

Phil Herd

Beryl Jones

Good Luck & Good Bowling


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Woodville Teams consist of:

Robert Elliott
Shane Tunnah
Jason Turai
Matthew Krinis

Danielle Elliott
Amanda Bauer
Barbara Tapley
Cassie Watt


God's Gift To Bad Bowling
Village Team....
Guys: Matt Schoessow, Richard Skelton, Peter Oliver and Rhys Dent

Girls: Karen Kelly, Renee Porter, Cassie Eades, Nicole Williams

Managed by Paul and Steve, Coached by Jim....Good Luck All!!

Pete Oliver
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