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  1. gonzo69

    passing of a fellow bowler

    Tenpin Bowling Australia has paid tribute to Hall of Fame member – John Sullivan who passed away on Thursday aged 72. “TBA is deeply saddened by Johns’ passing and our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Leanne and son Charlie,” TBA CEO Cara Honeychurch said today. “Australian bowling has...
  2. gonzo69

    2017 Qubica AMF Orange Open

    Is there squad listing
  3. gonzo69

    Odin Pinsetter Machines

    I did a while ago at Ingle farm bowland it now closed down
  4. gonzo69

    Lane Masters/ Lord Field balls

  5. gonzo69

    Lane Masters/ Lord Field balls

    Okay I take the ball
  6. gonzo69

    Lane Masters/ Lord Field balls

    Okay I'm at blacktown
  7. gonzo69

    Lane Masters/ Lord Field balls

    How much to post the balls to Sydney blacktown for the guaranteed awesome
  8. gonzo69

    Garage clearout

    hello the total nv and the amf 2 tote bag i take please i live in salisbury 0412673712 just leave a message please
  9. gonzo69


    how much are you looking for them and to post to adelaide 5108
  10. gonzo69

    Old Urethane Balls

    give animals proshop a ring he has one on his site for sale
  11. gonzo69

    2016 SA Seniors Classic

    oh weel the last one to be held here at village bowl had a ball today meet old and new friends congratulation to the winner the staff were so great there the back end staff excellent job cafe staff great service going to miss the bowl its a great tournament
  12. gonzo69


    if you still have the ball and your at the seniors tournament love to look at it please
  13. gonzo69

    ATBSO SA Roll Off's 2016

    congratulations to Robbie on his 300
  14. gonzo69

    village bowl south australia

    village bowl will be closing down from may the 1st 2016 to make way for a new food store ive bowled at the centre nearly 20 yrs now made a lot off friends from here and interstate meet some famous bowlers too its a shame that the centre is closing down hope they rebuilt a new one
  15. gonzo69

    closure off bowling centres

    well anyone one closing down here in adelaide village bowl will close down from the 1st may 2016 its been part of my life bowling here made a lot of friends met a lot from overseas and interstate been a lot off staff you seen there will be a great loss here hope they do build a new centre
  16. gonzo69

    demo days

    i would like to thank Lawrie and Carol for the time they took coming down here to Adelaide and showing us the new bowling balls and equipment was well present just a shame the centres didn't take the time in promoting the event
  17. gonzo69

    Ball landing on approach area rule?

    ask your centre for a copy off the rule book and check rule 115 onwards this should help you
  18. gonzo69

    oldest leagues

    The league im taking about is Friday nights league at Woodville bowl
  19. gonzo69

    oldest leagues

    I know off one that's been going since 1964 the day the bowl open it was a very strong league full house off 5 man teams over the yrs till gotten smaller last yr the treasury /secretary resigned after 50 yrs off doing the job it will now be a 3 man team as off next season due to things beyond...
  20. gonzo69

    oldest leagues

    what is the oldest league in Australia when did it start and were is it
  21. gonzo69

    2015 Victorian Adult Representative Teams

    any results
  22. gonzo69

    2015 SA Seniors Classic

    had a great weekend here in the tournament was the best ive have ever bowled in a tournament congratulations to the winners Shaun and Jeanette THANK YOU TO THE STAFF AND MANAGEMENT OFF VILLAGE BOWL WELL RUN SPECIAL THANK YOU TO THE TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE WAS RUN SO WELL AND TO RHONDA HATCHARD TY
  23. gonzo69

    2015 SA Seniors Classic

    tony the eftpos is now gone from the bowl
  24. gonzo69

    15lb/16lb balls for sale

    how much for the brunswick rhino pro steel to be sent to adeladie 5108 do u know what the pin and top weight are
  25. gonzo69

    15lb balls for sale

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