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  1. *CaZaLiNe.C*

    Bec Whiting&Rick Baird:Victorian Junior Masters WINNERS!!!

    I would like to say a HUGE CONGRATS to Victorian President Shield Bowlers Rebecca Whiting and Rick Baird for winning the Victorian Junior State masters last weekend...You guys ROCK!!! though i wasn't there, the scores say it all and all bowlers that competed bowled awesomely....WELL DONE and...
  2. *CaZaLiNe.C*

    Junior Melbourne Cup WINNERS:)

    Hey i would just like to congradulate Bec Whiting and Jack Livingstone on taking out the Junior Melbourne Cup 2006. Well Done guys, great bowling:) Top 6 placings were: Boys: 1st.Jack Livingstone 2nd.Hugh Livingstone 3rd.Nathan Parlby 4th Ben Tait 5th Rick Baird 6th. John Allen Girls...
  3. *CaZaLiNe.C*

    Victorian President Shield Roll-offs

    Hey, roll-offs comming up realli sooon... 7th and 8th October at Altona , i was just wondering which vic bowlers were considering trying out:) .... President Shield is a gr8 experience, always good to give it a go;) ........Caz
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