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    I would like to congratulate a good friend of mine, Ashley Riley, on winning his 4th Australian Masters Title. No other male has won more than two, and winning 4 (1995, 1998, 2005 and 2013), in at least 3 different formats, is just a phenomenal achievement. Surely this has to be the icing on...
  2. androooo

    2012 AMF Australian Masters - Final Frames

    Enjoy :)
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    Come join the group. Invite those who don't come to the forums.
  4. androooo

    Homemade PowerHouse "WAVE"

    I got bored... Get a thermometer... however, at the setting I had it on, the water didn't boil, and I could put my hand in it to get the ball out... It was hot, but not "OUCH.. F@$K" hot
  5. androooo

    Belmo challenges idiot

    Here is the link to the original challenge... By "Space Cadet" Vin Gerard Sean Rash Response Belmo's Response
  6. androooo

    Sarah Lowney - #1 Junior in Australia

    Congratulations to Sarah Lowney for being the 2011 Junior Ranking points leader. Sarah amassed 139 points from 4 events, to win by 1 point from WA's Libby Embury on 138 from 5 tournaments. Kaitlyn Commane finished 4th in the rankings on 130 points from 4 events. Congratulations guys...
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    Pretty proud of this effort

    In my spare time, I do a lot of Simracing at | The Premier Online Sim Racing Game. This is as real as you can get without actually driving the real cars. All cars and track are laser mapped. Every little bump, ridge, crack... you can feel if you have a force feedback wheel (which...
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    Belmo Warned by PBA Officials

    Personally, I think both guys need to bury the hatchet... and not in each others heads.
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    SAVE BOWLING Join today at
  10. androooo

    Dick Allen interview about WSOB Classic Ritchie! :D
  11. androooo

    Back to back 300's by team mates

    Thought this was pretty cool. By brothers no less.
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    Minor Changes

    Just made a few minor changes to the forums. The "Book of Shame" is now on the front page, just underneath the High Game & Achievements forum. The Book of Shame was one of the most popular forums back in the "old" days, as people always liked dropping people in it for leaving a 5-7-10 or a...
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    Can you please indicate in your threads when sales are completed or no longer for sale. I would just like to be able to keep things tidy in here. Cheers :)
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    USBC Masters Opening Ceremony

    Was just watching the opening ceremony of the USBC Masters on XtraFrame, and had to have a little chuckle to myself... They played the National anthems for the countries being represented. What did they play for Australia?? WALTZING MATILDA! And to be honest, it sounded so much better...
  15. androooo

    Abralon/Brunswick Pads

    As most people would know, a lot of companies are using Abralon for the finishing of their bowling balls. Brunswick has come out with their own pads, which are the same as Abralon made by Sia Abrasives, called Siaair. Now as everyone that uses the Abralon pads knows, they are not the cheapest...
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    Storm/Rotogrip Surface instructions

    Thus was posted on Could be handy.
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    Now I have sent Jase a PM making sure it's ok to post these, so they may move. If anyone has trouble playing the files, please download the K-Lite Codec Pack (google it) and to uncompress the files, please download WinRAR (google is your friend again :)) Please post any requests here... I'll...
  18. androooo

    Hobart Masters

    Congrats Gus on bowling 300 yesterday. Found out just now when the bowl asked when I'd be in to check the appropriate things. Who won anyway?:confused:
  19. androooo

    Classic Captain Fudge

    Last game of centre league this evening.... First 9 strikes.... PLACK!!! 5-7-10!!!! Sorry for rolling on the floor :D
  20. androooo

    Motiv Motiv TX1 and SX1

    Now, this may sound a little weird for me, but since Max gave me the option of being able to throw whatever I want these days, I was lucky enough to drill and throw the 2 Motiv balls, and I must say, I am impressed! Very nice reactions, and they stand out. As these were the first time anyone had...
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    Coach killed in bowling centre

    Very sad story out of the states. From the Spokesman Review: The death of a heralded running coach and Spokane Community College instructor in a bizarre bowling alley accident left the school and Northwest track community...
  22. androooo

    PDW.... SPLAT!

    Need I say anything more. Reaction is great :D
  23. androooo

    John Phillips - Front 11 SPLAT!!!

    After drilling the first 11 strikes tonight during Wellington League at Moonah, the old boy steps up, drills the pocket again flush, only to leave a very nice 8-10 for 298 :D:D:D Just a reminder.... you don't have to be kind to the finger grips... They are replacable ;)
  24. androooo

    Any truth to the rumour...

    ... That Launceston is getting synthetics installed? :confused: It would be great for bowling in Tasmania if it did happen. I, for one, was sick of having to resurface my gear after every tournament there. Now if only we could get a real Kegel at Moonah, we'd be ready to step into the year...
  25. androooo

    John Phillips 299

    Congratulations to John Phillips for bowling 299 on lanes 13-14 at AMF Moonah during Wellington League tonight. Throwing his Visionary Frankie May, drilling the first 11, only to go high on the last to leave a 6 pin.
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