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    The Future of the TBA

    I was a big supporter of Cara and we spoke from time to time, aside from when i was chair of the NSW Board. For me It was certainly time for Cara to move on , some of her decisions were a disgrace to the Sport. We don't need another Accountant as CEO. When it comes to some of the Board members...
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    Congratulations Sam Cooley

    This is brilliant, we now have another Aussie making their way in the PBA I am very pleased for Sam he is a super bowler Hope he continues to work hard and prove himself , in the USA, to be as good as we all know he is
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    Dry Lanes

    4 days without an oiling machine was fun. Could not get the ball 20ft down the lane before it was on the other side of the lane. Packed up and went home after 4 frames LOL
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    How many centres don't have a Tech these days

    Sad but they will turn to shit if they don't look after them. Apart from anything they need cleaning. Love to see them do a pit over the phone lol
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    Post a video of yourself bowling in here

    House patterns have a lot to answer for, That is all !!!!!
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    Clash of the titans this weekend

    AMF poor advertising and promotion full stop !!! I can tell you the NSW TBA asked if they could help promote it so would not be such a terrible number of entries AMF don't care about our sport
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    Why does mainstream gambling on Bowling not exist?

    Back in the 70's we had huge pot games that went well past midnight. The good old days
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    Just when you think you have a strike...

    Serves him right for bowling with 2 hands lol
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    Plans to build new centre in Goulburn

    I actually owned Goulburn Bowl for a few years from 1986. It was a great little Centre, we had a lot of fun in those days. Sadly we had to sell out in 1989 and the new owners faced issues that caused its eventual closure in approx 1992
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    Plans to build new centre in Goulburn

    Wagga Wagga is another example. It was a very good Centre with a huge business in the 70's and 80's but it died and closed. A new genre opened a couple of years ago. Sylvania Bowl in Sydney closed down and reopened as Southgate in the early 80's i think. for some years it was a Huge lineage...
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    Bowled at Rushcutters in the 80s, just started up again in Perth!

    Now , Now Jason rush cutter was once a great place to bowl, I just can't remember when !!
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    Why is everyone so depressingly agreeable?

    Okay so here is what i think I have been around since 1970 as a bowler at Hurstville bowl, now gone and Rockdale Bowl, now gone and Bankstown Bowl now gone !!!!! Why because of greed of major companies on selling land and opportunity of an independent on the other Why do i mention this...
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    Vale, Jim Cross

    Oh dear, I had no idea he was unwell. This is really sad news, RIP my friend
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    NSW State Championships

    Cant rush into these things, maybe you can get an entry form on the 7th Feb at check in
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    Why is everyone so depressingly agreeable?

    Yes it should say Another Multinational fuckup
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    Rachiug, Jimcross wants an argument.

    Rachuig is a tough event Congrats to VIC Ladies they had 6 strong team members that is the issue full stop Congrats to the NT Mens team who bowled well Bec Vouklous is brilliant That is all
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    Why is everyone so depressingly agreeable?

    Dare I say your wrong with some of your comments The National Coach is a part time 2-3 day a week job paid by the TBA from a specific high performance coaching funding grant from the Government. the rest of the time the National coach puts in is volunteer based Results in recent years have...
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    Why is everyone so depressingly agreeable?

    Hey Jim I sent you a PM about finding some records but I am not sure if it worked
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    Why is everyone so depressingly agreeable?

    Jim There is much more to tell. Some of those bowlers who no the story are still around but nobody really believes them and some people have threatened legal action if they speak up too much. Sadly some of those concerned with the ATBC are now no longer living Also sadly the sport has never...
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    Why is everyone so depressingly agreeable?

    IF only we could go back to the Good old days of the ATBC and 120,000 members, PLEASE !!!!
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    Why is everyone so depressingly agreeable?

    Jim have you ever thought of running AMF or the TBA ????
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    Clare Stephens' first 300

    Hey claire, Good for you, Congrats
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    Officially approve and sanction Glenn Allison's 900 series of July 1, 1982.

    I remember when this was bowled Every Bowling Centre was a buzz with the news, could it be possible !!!!. Also around that time the other guy shot 890 and there were posters in all the centres with him holding his bowling ball. We all used to find out a few days later that someone had shot a...
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    USBC Bronze Coaching Course - Bundaberg

    Who will be running the course ?
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    Best year you've ever had

    1984 was great for me, first 300 game in 5 man teams. That was when there were only 1 or 2 bowled in a year in Australia
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