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    2019 Melbourne Cup

    Craig Nevatt for squad A please.
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    Craig Nevatt for Squad B. Thanks
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    2011 Schweppes Melbourne Tenpin Cup

    Please add Craig Nevatt to Squad A.
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    Scores at Nats.

    Mick, I agree 4 out of 80 seems like about the right ratio of left handed entries to finalist. :) Oh and for the record two of the top three guys in Rachuig also used Storm, anyone see a pattern forming?
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    Thankyou AMF

    I have to echo everyone's comments. A superb effort by everyone involved, from the centre staff, to Matt, to Jordon, and everyone on the TBA tournament team. Long may this event continue to be the pinnacle of bowling in Australasia. We will be back to support it!
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    2010 K & K Classic Squad Listing

    Please enter Craig Nevatt in Squad B. Thanks.
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    TBA Nationals "Ball Paddock" - Something different

    Least they won't need much storage space for the gear this way.... They must be kidding? Right?
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    Via Classic - Worthwhile trip!

    The final entry form for the Via Classic to be held at Bowlarama Newton, Wellington 19 - 21 June is now available on the TBNZ website. As an added bonus the All Blacks are scheduled to thrash France at the Westpac...
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    latest Bowling technology

    When I read the name of the poster "GotheCell" I thought that this guy now thinks he has hand..... ;)
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    Good Luck New Zealand Team - Men's World Champs, Bangkok, Thailand

    Thanks Guys Already to get started here today. Antz and Brodie are up first in the Doubles at 6.30pm NZT, followed by Tony and Greg at 11pm NZT. Jason and I have our shot at 6.30pm NZT tomorrow.
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    NSW Open - Any scores

    Thanks, there was nothing there before...
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    NSW Open - Any scores

    Does anyone know if there will be any living scoring available for this tournament?
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    Mens FIQ Team

    You know it is threads like this that will ensure that bowling never makes it into the Olympics. You have the athletes saying yes I do need to be fit to compete at the highest level of my choosen sport, but then you have bowlers saying I can compete without being fit. I wonder whether we...
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    TBNZ Championships

    The New Zealand National Championships are being held this weekend at Tenpin 13th Avenue, Tauranga. Live scoring will be available throughout the weekend on the TBNZ website (
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    Melbourne International Tenpin Cup

    Please add Julieanne Mollet and Jennifer Edwards to Squad B and Adrian Judd to Squad C. Thanks
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    How to pick an Australian Team.... comments needed

    We will take that as a compliment George..... ;)
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    How to pick an Australian Team.... comments needed

    Here is a novel thing NZ is ahead of Australia in this area. NZ already has a policy of this nature in place.
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    Melbourne International Tenpin Cup

    Hi Justin Could you please add Jason Waters and Craig Nevatt to Squad B. Thanks Craig
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    Some information needed please

    Jase It sounds like a great idea, and certainly something that I would be keen to be involved in depending what rules might be put in place in relation to international imports being members of teams? Or are us Kiwi's just considered another state of Australia these days when it comes to...
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    World Cup Qualifier - This weekend

    New Zealand's World Cup qualifier is being held this weekend at Tenpin Lincoln Road. All the news, lane conditions and results are available on the TBNZ website.
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    2008 Ebonite Gold Coast International Sport Series Final, Win A Ball Competition.

    Pilko 208 Thank you to Total Bowling, Lee Matthey, COCO'S DISCOUNT FOOD, MPMS QLD P/L
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    Oil Patterns for the 2008 Ebonite Gold Coast International Sport Series Final

    Can anyone tell me what the lane surface is please? Thanks.
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    SA Cup scores??

    Thanks Kellie
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