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    Site Upgrade and some changes

    Just updated to new version of Tapatalk addon.
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    Site Upgrade and some changes

    @Robin Hood I have managed to get hold of a Beta version of the Tapatalk plugin - can you please check if it's working now?
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    Site Upgrade and some changes

    Yep can see that error, it is 100% an issue with Tapatalk update. Will contact them and see when they plan to release it.
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    Site Upgrade and some changes

    Please give it a try now. Tapatalk don't have an updated release of their software for this version yet, so some things may not work 100%. If anything is out, we will have to wait until they release a new update until it will work properly.
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    Site Upgrade and some changes

    Have just upgraded the site (which introduces a heap of new features) and have cleaned up and combined a lot of sections that weren't being used. This has resulted in the number of sections being reduced and hopefully a little easier to navigate. Enjoy! @Jase @androooo
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    TotalBowling On Mobile

    It's only taken a few years but TotalBowling now has a fully functioning mobile style so it is much friendlier to visit on mobile devices. Please let me know if you encounter any issues. G
  7. Admin there you go there you go
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    John King bowls 300 No.20 in new PB

    Yep they're awesome - for bowlers with no hand. Lots of love xox Blue Flame
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    You're best to speak to Jase or Androooo I believe.

    You're best to speak to Jase or Androooo I believe.
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    Removal of bowlers over 60 thread

    Perhaps if you followed the rules of the site we wouldn't be having these issues. Not sure how many times you can be asked/told to pull your head in.
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    Issue resolved and should not happen again.

    Issue resolved and should not happen again.
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    Well that's just not having a strong enough password. Or a convenient excuse for the stuff that was posted ... Regarding the spam, we have enough measures in place that keep the place usable and keep the spam to a minimum. If you see spam, use the report button and it will be handled ASAP.
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    Memo J.Briggs Re: Golf

    You'll probably be bowling.
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    Memo J.Briggs Re: Golf

    Most likely Friday 28th @ North Lakes at a rough guess (Ill need to confirm availability and cost - ill ring next week)
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    Memo J.Briggs Re: Golf

    Whos up for a round over Xmas 2012? Im sure for the right appearance money we can get Bob Hawkes mate to appear.
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    Is It Just Me ?

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    Private Messaging

    Top right next to your name - called Inbox.
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    TotalBowling Upgrade

    Tapatalk still works. You need to remove totalbowling and readd it.
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    Search Function

    How good was that little birdie???? Search is now fixed and is much quicker than before. You should also be able to search for virtually anything and it will work. There is a one letter minimum on searchable items now.
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    TotalBowling Upgrade

    This upgrade has been a few months in planning - we hope you like it!
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    294, not easy to do

    Pretty good memory there :)
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    Search Function

    Ive made a temporary fix to the search, as Androoo says - watch this space!
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    I'm disappointed with the bowling community

    I think you already know my feelings on this and you don't even need to ask :)
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    Tapatalk forum app

    I've added Tapatalk to TotalBowling so you should be able to access the forum through the app on both iPhone and iPad.
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    Tapatalk forum app

    Thanks for the suggestion. We will add it to the list of possible inclusions.
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