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  1. Boy Browny

    Tournament proposal?? - $10,000 first prize + conciliation tournament.. Ideas/ comments?

    Hi, Looking to organise a tournament next year - probably in QLD (because of the bowler base there and able to get a better game rate than where I am)..
  2. Boy Browny

    Seniors Venuto Cup

    Hi, Just wondering if oz tenpin use this site for Venuto cup info? Dates are 25-27 May 2018 at oz tenpin Chirnside Park Bowl.. I have just applied and paid D/D, but was hoping to see find squad listings and any relevant data... Can anyone suggest a decent and reasonably priced motel...
  3. Boy Browny

    300 first league night out with new ball...

    Lord Field Talent... Never heard of them? Neither had I. 300 first league night out, 289 first practice session... Looking forward to posting some big numbers here shortly :) Thanks Dino from :)
  4. Boy Browny

    Perth bowlers - nominate for free coaching now...

    Just started a bowling website (again - 10 points for anyone who remembers my last site!)... ANYHOW - I'm going to be uploading some coaching progress in three areas: Beginner bowlers, League bowlers, Tournament bowlers... Coaching will be FREE, however bowlers will have to pay for their...
  5. Boy Browny

    Tba Nationals results online?

    Is there anywhere we can see live or relatively quick scores/ results for the Nationals online? Cheers
  6. Boy Browny

    Two handed bowling?

    Are there any rules about hand positions for.two handed bowlers? I recall several years ago there was debate and I thought the outcome was that the thumb didn't have to be in the ball, but the palm/ thumb had to cover the thumb hole... Is that correct? cos I saw someone.bowling with two...
  7. Boy Browny

    best pants for bowling?

    Kitting up - don't want to rip my pants the first time I bend over :P - what is the best brand/ type of pants to get for bowling please... (deep knee bender).
  8. Boy Browny

    Olympic trials progress?

    can anyone tell me where we can follow the Olympics trial stuff online? Preferably in english
  9. Boy Browny

    New to WA - Bowling at Joondalup

    Hi All WA Bowlers, Peter Brown is my name and once upon a time i use to be an okay bowler on the east coast (i know, i know - boooo right?). Anyhow, cut my teeth bowling tournaments in QLD against Frilingos, Bottomly, Brando, Belmo (not that i would want to take him on now!), and a heap of...
  10. Boy Browny

    Browny here - can anyone tell me how to get in contact with Paul Trotter and George Frilingos?

    Hi - For website old schoolers - Peter Brown (formerly Brisbane/ Hervey Bay) here - moving out of the bush and back into civilisation next month (Joondalup - WA). Gonna start bowling again, so hope to see you on the lanes next year all.. In the meantime, anyone who knows Paul Trotter or...
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