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  1. noddy

    2020 Hammer Queensland Senior Classic

    Deposit paid, Alan Notman
  2. noddy

    2019 Kegel QLD Open

    Deposit paid today Ref Kegel Alan Notman
  3. noddy

    2019 Kegel QLD Open

    Hi there, please put Alan Notman in for A squad
  4. noddy


    Hi Dylan, If that’s the case can you put me down as a reserve for B squad too and I’ll make this one my 1st preference. Alan Notman
  5. noddy


    Hi Brian, thought I would let you know I have paid my deposit today
  6. noddy


    Please put Alan Notman down for D Squad and a reserve for C Squad
  7. noddy

    Fast 7 SKINS - Chirnside Park Bowl Sunday 26th March

    Hey Warren, How are the entries going?
  8. noddy

    2014 Schweppes Melbourne Tenpin Cup

    Please remove me from this tourny, pulled up a bit sore today.
  9. noddy

    2014 Melbourne Cup Win A Spot

    Thanks Lee, Please add Jenny and myself.
  10. noddy

    2014 Melbourne Cup Win A Spot

    Hi Lee, Will the Melb Cup pattern be laid?
  11. noddy

    Twin Cities Tenpin Bowl - 2014 $10,000.00 Super Skins

    can you please add Jenny & Alan Notman to the list
  12. noddy

    Forest Hill Cup Eve Skins

    Hi Nick, Can you please add me. Alan Notman
  13. noddy

    2013 Melbourne Tenpin Cup

    Gee thats a surprise, entries dropping off in the last few days.
  14. noddy

    Sunraysia Tenpin Cup 2013 May 18 & 19.

    I am booked in and still coming up.... Looking forward to it.
  15. noddy

    Inaugural MENTONE CUP

    Wazza can you please put me down for A squad Alan Notman
  16. noddy

    Simon Elfring 300 at Dandenong

    Congrates Simon, it's great to finally get the monkey off the back. Sure there will be plenty more from you mate. Alan, Jenny & Ryan
  17. noddy

    900 Global The Bank

    Sorry mate i mean the pins don't fly everywhere and leave pins standing.
  18. noddy

    900 Global The Bank

    I got my Bank at the start of East Coast at Sunshine bowl and used it straight away on the Winding Road pattern, as soon as i put the ball on the lane and saw what it did i was very impressed. The condition to bowl on was very tough and you had to keep moving, but the Bank was very steady all...
  19. noddy

    2010 Schweppes Melbourne Tenpin Cup - Squad Listings

    Could you please swap me from A Squad to C Squad? Thanks.
  20. noddy

    2010 Schweppes Victorian Sports Series - Event 2

    Can you please add me to the list. Alan Notman
  21. noddy

    Alan Notman 300 Dandenong

    Thanks everyone. It's my second one this season, the first i bowled with the AMF300 Nkryption code and the 2nd was with the 900 Global Bounty Hunter. Thanks to my Sponsor Absolute Bowling Supplies Andrew Tonkin. Andrew can be contacted at Greensborough bowl for anyone wishing to purchase...
  22. noddy

    2009 VSS FINAL

    Hey Thorpey trie these links.
  23. noddy

    2009 VSS FINAL

    Hey Luke, can you please put me into B squad. Alan Notman
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