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  1. noddy

    Tothy is a GRAND DAD...

    Jenny and I would like to congratulate Steve Toth on becoming a GRAND DAD for the first time today. A bouncing baby Boy Bryce Jackson. Congratulations to Mum Kylie and Dad Nathan. Alan & Jenny
  2. noddy

    Webber 300 #19

    Well done to Andrew Lloyd who bowled 300 #19 last night at Southgate.. This man just doesn't know how to stop throwing them.. Well done champ you are a gun. Noddy & Twwety
  3. noddy

    East Coast Challenge Cup 2008

    Hi everybody, Just a reminder that entries close on the 17th of May for the 2008 East Coast Challenge Cup Roll offs. The Rolls off start on May the 24th & 25th at Frankston Bowl. This years east coast is being held at Mt Gravatt QLD at the end of September. We would love to see new &...
  4. noddy

    Sandra @ Frankston Bowl

    I would like to show my appreciation to Sandra from Frankston Bowl who last night presented me with a Glass Pin Award for my 300 game which I bowled as a sub in there doubles league on Tuesday 4th march. I have bowled 6 x 300 games and have never received award like this. Sandra didn’t...
  5. noddy

    Will Webber make it 19 tonight????

    Just wondering if Webber will make it number 19 tonight to make it the perfect month Noddy
  6. noddy

    Andrew Lloyd (webber) 300 & 803

    Congratulation must go to one of the nicest & friendliest blokes going around who bowled 300 & 803 series at southgate last night. I am told that is number 16... Well done webber a true gentleman of the game.. Noddy & Twwety
  7. noddy

    Seniors at Keon Park 17th feb

    Hi all, Has someone got the results from the Seniors tournment at Keon Park on sunday 17th Feb? If so are they able to be posted? Alan Notman
  8. noddy


    I have just been told that Josh last night at Dandenong bowled he's highest series last night in International doubles.... 732 238.247.247 = 732 series (his new record) I think mum's pretty proud of you.. Well bowled and i know there is thousands of 700's in you and plenty of 300's...
  9. noddy

    M.T.B.A Trivia Night

    I would like to thank everyone who attended the M.T.B.A Trivia Night on Saturday night. To raise over $3,000 dollars towards our East Coast team was a HUGE effort by all. Don't forget our last roll off is only 2 weekends away and look forward to seeing you all there.. Once again a HUGE...
  10. noddy

    Congraulations to Barb & Cassie

    We would just like to congratulate our very good friend Barb Carlsson on coming 2nd in the VIC 150 this weekend. It was your very first major cut & we are so proud of you. You did exceptionally well & you & Cassie just bowled awesome together. For Cassie to average 240 was just a...
  11. noddy

    East Coast Bowlers And Family

    To all East Coast bowlers and their families please be careful on your way to Sydney. Just remember A POWER NAP CAN SAVE LIVES. Alan & Jenny
  12. noddy

    Well Done Joe Tomasinski And Staff

    I would like to congratulate Joe and the staff at Ed Fleming Lanes for a well ran tourny over the long weekend. Numbers were down for this tournment but the bowling was great to watch by all. Once again well done Joe. Alan Notman
  13. noddy


    how is it that when lanes are washed and RE-OILED that nearly every bowler had to pull out their spare ball just to try and keep the balls on the lane. I was sitting back and watching this year and i couldn't believe what i saw. Victoria's best bowlers subjected to conditions like that...
  14. noddy

    Amount to pay if you make Rachuig

    Can someone please inform me what the $900.00, bowlers have to fork out to make Rachuig pays for? I noticed N.S.W only have to pay approx $500.00 Alan Notman
  15. noddy


    Well by now every center should have the entry forms for this years east coast roll offs.. I'm going for it again this year who else will be having a shot.. any bowler with any avg can have a go.. The divisions are OPEN MALE/FEMALE, GRADED MALE/FEMALE, OPEN BOYS/GIRLS, GRADED BOYS/GIRLS...
  16. noddy

    East Coast Challenge Cup Entry Forms

    Ok all that time of the year is rolling around again. East Coast Challenge Cup entry forms are out and with plenty of notice and also being bowled in sunny Queensland we should be getting alot of entries this year. The first trial is bowled at AMF Keon park bowl 28 & 29 May. The...
  17. noddy


    Just a reminder to all bowlers that the M.T.B.A CLASSIC is on this sunday at moorabbin bowl. (17/04/05) There is a scratch and handicap division. For just $65.00 you get 6 games qualifying and then the top 6 in each grade bowl a further 3 games in the final.The bowler who finishes on top...
  18. noddy


    Hi all, I have been speaking to a friend of mine and many of yours out there about East Coast Roll Off's and i shock to find out she was not bowling. When i asked the reason why i was informed that if she made the Australian Team it would clash with one of the trial dates which meant she...
  19. noddy

    S.A CUP

    Hi Guys, Can anyone let me know when the entry forms for S.A CUP will be coming out.. Alan Notman
  20. noddy


    CONGRATULATIONS MUST GO TO JOEL LOVEGROVE FOR A FINE BOWLING DISPLAY YESTERDAY AT DANDENONG. 1 Joel Lovegrove 1905 2 Frank Bell 1877 3 Mary Dodds 1846 4Warren Rogers 1841 5 Bernie Grueso 1785 6 Cyril Traykoff 1770 7 Ivan Aranda 1762 8 Jenny Buckle 1762 9 Steven Carley 1760 10 Terry...
  21. noddy


    I wasn't part of the east coast this year, but from what i saw the M.T.B.A needs a huge pat on the back for the way the whole week ran.. there was only on hick up which was a lane break down during the seniors masters which was out of their hands. So from someone who didn't bowl WELL DONE...
  22. noddy


    check in is at 9.30 am..
  23. noddy


    Would just like to take the time to congratulate my best mate over the last 18years Max De Groot for bowling he's first 300 at werribee this weekend.. It was a long time comming.. congratulations buddy.. always told you that it was in you.. =D> =D> =D> =D>
  24. noddy


    Hi all, Just wondering who will be going for EAST COAST TEAM this year.. NODDY
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